January Goals Met!

Happy afternoon to you my brothers and sisters, Bifur here. As we enter he final days of January I am please to be able to tell you that I have met the hobby goals I set for myself, low key as they were, for the first month of the year.

Just to remind you briefly my goals were: To sort out all the equipment for making small batch homebrew beers, Write lists for and find what models i could for the four armies I had selected to work on this year (40K Deathguard, 40K Dark Angels, AoS Ogors and AoS Maggotkin). I’m not putting lists up, because I expect the armies to change slightly over time, my aim is to have these models built and painted by the end of the year, but I’ll tweak stuff as necessary.

Here’s my progress…

The Deathguard. These lads are almost done, nothing new to buy, a few Blightlord Terminators to build, one plague marine with a flail to convert and a handful of stuff to paint. I’m feeling pretty good about this one.

The Dark Angels. A bit more to do with these boys. Im going for a fully Primaris army, so all those baby marine and tanks I had painted are no good to me right now. Missing from the picture is another 3 Bladeguard, an Inceptor and a handful of Intercessors. Plenty of painting to do here too

Ogor Mawtribes. I’v got everything for my army of Fatties, but some of it needs building (Tyrant and the big beasties) and most of it needs rebasing and painting. Another big job… Also missing from this picture is the Ravening Jaws endless spell; I’ve got one built, but not painted.

Maggotkin of Nurgle. Final army, my beloved stinkies. If this army looks a bit small that’s because its missing two models… unfortunately those are two great unclean ones. Big models, big money, big paint job. But, I really wanted to try a Thricefold Befoulment Battalion and I’ve got a bit of an idea what to do… They’re also going to need some more stuff to summon as needed, but that’s for later months.

Last but certainly not least, here is the equipment I need to start brewing small batch. I’m going to make a scaled version of our now famous Ghettobrew mash tun.

I might need to get a new pan, but I’m going to try using what i’ve got first.

Now that I’ve successfully completed January I need to set myself some more goals. So… For February I will:

  • Brewing – Make the Mash Tun and brew at least one test brew with the new kit
  • Deathguard – Build and undercoat the Blightlords.
  • Dark Angels – Build and paint the remaining Bladeguard
  • Fatties – Build and undercoat the Tyrant and the 2 beasties
  • Stinkies – Build and undercoat the Plagubearers

That all feels achievable and yet useful. Keep an eye on our Instagram for pictures of any mid-month achievements and possibly a few other surprises I’ve got in the pipeline.

Until next time,


Freud Judges those who are too self-congratulatory.

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