102 TOS The Man Trap 103 TOS The Naked Time104 TOS Charlie X

From the nimble fingers and less nimble mind of Dwalin Weissbeerson Espressoshield III… a bunch of stuff written to amuse and, most likely, bemuse.

It’s stttttttttttaaaaaaaarrrrrr Trekkin’ time everybody (woooo, yeahhh…)

Let’s jump straight in shall we with…. these three episodes

102 TOS The Man Trap 
103 TOS The Naked Time
104 TOS Charlie X

So, the man trap…shape-shifting salt sucking monster of doom that tricks the crew of the enterprise into thinking they are either:

a) an attractive lady

b) a crew member


c) actually, that’s about it…

I’m just gonna say… I paid little attention to this episode. For me it was a bit lacklustre, yeah I’m sure if I was to sit and ponder I could come up with some existential questions about the nature of our facile being and how this enables us to find what we want in situations, even if it’s a path to destruction…. but I wasn’t completely riveted by this episode.

I guess there’s a nice bit of character development though. The lovelorn McCoy finding his long lost beau demonstrates to us as viewer the rending of his selfness in relation to his acceptance of being some kind of extension of Kirk, a Star Fleet medical officer and a Human. It’s nice to see him, and Deforest Kelly’s portrayal of him, as something more than ‘curmudgeonly sod’…

Onto the next episode and it’s one that again I don’t really find too much of a need to dwell on… Basically there’s a weird gloop that a crewman touches on an away mission (seriously, how fucking stupid are some of these crew members? GAH!) which inadvertently infects everyone with some kind of microbe that basically makes everyone drunk as fuck… it’s all fun and games apart from the fact that everyone on the enterprise seems to become super fucked up when drunk. Long story short things are going real bad, looks like everyone’s going to die as a crew member is playing around with the engines and, well, wants everyone to die… but eventually McCoy finds a cure and the day is saved. With a little bit of time travel thrown in for good measure…

It’s a fun episode, and definitely has a nice amount of suspense. It also has another one of those iconic moments everyone seems to remember about star trek… namely this….

Yeah… You’ve all seen that bit.

Is this episode an anti drink anti drugs episode… I don’t know. Is it my favourite episode? No, it isn’t. Is it a bad episode? Not really… but again, I could have found myself a little more engaged in it.

I hear it’s George Takai’s favourite…. is that just because he got to show the world his six pack??? Who knows.

ANYHOO… Charlie x rounds out our triumvirate for this week.

It’s an episode that I enjoyed, a lot. The basic premise is adolescent boy given WAAAAAYYYY TOO MUCH FUCKING POWER and consequently goes on a hormonally charged destruction trip. Cue infatuations with female officers, temper tantrums at not being able to get what you want and an overriding sense that LUNACY IS AT THE HEART OF ALL FUNDAMENTALLY HUMAN DESIRES. Why the last part? Well the weird things Charlie (the eponymous godlike teen boy) has the crew doing are surely something that factor into our everyday hopes and dreams… there’s a scene where Uhura is singing and makes fun of Charlie’s besotted ways… BAM Charlie makes her lose her voice. I mean that’s lunacy, why would you do that… aside from the fact that, I bet, if you had the power to do such things you would?


There’s a nice study to be had of this episode’s understanding of human development. I mean this both in the ’46 AND TWO’ (Hey tool fans) sense and in the traditionally ‘baby, child, adolescent, adult’ sense. The problem is… these are both themes that are better explored in conjunction with other episodes. I mean that whole ‘too powerful to be around other humans’ thing is something we’ve seen in ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’ and the childhood thing is something that we will deal with in ‘Miri’.

So what shall I say here? Well, these three episodes may not be the pinnacle of our exploration in the universe of Mr Rodenberry. They’re not the most adventurous episodes, they aren’t episodes that instantly cause us to spend hours theorising about the nature of existence BUT, they are damned fine pieces of television. They DO still make us think, and they fortify the richness of the Trek universe’s take on being. Is Charlie the best comment on struggling to find one’s place in the world? He isn’t, but he’s a thread of the rich tapestry of a show which does form one of the best comment’s on finding one’s place in the world. Without it the series wouldn’t be complete; it’s like that beast of a chapter in whatever book your reading that takes a bit of a slog to get through, but without doing so you don’t have the foundation of understanding you need for further understanding…. And, to be fair, Charlie X and the other two episodes in this post are a shitload more fun than that chapter… I mean, check out this gurn

…. I eagerly await your meshuggah/wolf of wall street comments.

Until next time folks…

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