Brewdyssey 2.1 After the end there is often a beginning.

And lo, in spite of the dangerous pitfalls, our adventurous emerge once more victorious, though somewhat changed. The scars and wounds amassed did not hold them back, they laid waste to all monsters thus far met, but they craved a bigger beast. They wished to lock horns with the dark master himself… Time for our warriors to take on. LUCIFER!!!

Seriously, those theatrical beginnings do not get old!

Welcome to the next installment of Brewdyssey and, folks, this ones definitely the most up to date ever written as we haven’t even done the brew im writing about yet! That’s how much I want to keep you, beautiful webernet-beer-nerds, in the loop with our adventures.

First things first; its been about 6 weeks since we started the last brew and, despite set backs, the beer is tasting good!

Its not quite the same strength as last time and it seems a little more bitter, but its only been conditioned for three weeks and it should mellow a bit with some more time under its belt. Its also still not clear; we used half a Protofloc tablet so we’re wondering whether a whole one will make a difference. Much better head retention though.

In short; we’re fucking happy.

But readers, as the overblown rpg worship at the top of the page suggests, we’re ready for our next battle and right now we want to wrestle with a big, rampaging, annihilating, demon…wpid-wp-1446668557210.jpg

Since the beginning of our journey we’ve had some ideas regarding what kind of beers we want to try to get brewed; as you know we don’t like walking, preferring to leap into the great unknown head first. Its with these two thoughts in mind that we present to you our next brew (see right brothers and sisters)…

If you follow us on twitter, or our new Instagram, you will have seen the above picture. If you dont. Well… Do.

This is a list of our ingredients and it points towards a take on a beer Bif and I fucking love. Porter (Bifur – So,so good… especially good now winter is closing in).

Recently we’d tried some porter that used smoked grain and we were so impressed that we reallllyy wanted to have a go…but here’s where our over-eager minds of death or glory kicked in. What if we brewed a smoked imperial porter… A beer that felt like imbibing a sullen fire, warming inside and firing the mind to dance midst the flames. A beer that had to be respected, lest Icarus too close to the sun falls and is mired in the pit…

This. Had. To. Be. Fucking. Done.

So I drew up a list of necessary grains, double checked the idea with our mystical late knights brew wizard/mentor (his advice “looks fucking awesome. Go big with the yeast and add some brown malt to get that classic porter edge”), made the tweaks offered and placed an order…

Tomorrow we brew, a big, striding, beast of a porter that lies in the 10% abv region, with a shedload of smokiness and (more than likely) a fuck tonne of hops.

Its name….

Satan’s fizzy j.

Stay tuned for the next brewdyssey!

(Bifur – If you are good boys and girls are very good we’ll even tell you where the name came from…that is assuming I can remember drunken conversation we had where the idea was spawned…)

Freud judges those who don’t take the Devil’s name in vain…

3 responses to “Brewdyssey 2.1 After the end there is often a beginning.

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    • Thankyou sir! It worked amazingly well, we’ve had a case set aside to age and its just coming up to its year now, time to sample soon. Good luck with your brewing in Japan, we’ll be following with interest…


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