Part 2

Read the previous posts here, and here and then get cracking on the below

.. And it all falls to shit.

Well. Sort of.

To return to the analogy started in the post before; Gandalf has come to save and protect and it all looks awesome, but then he has to go to Saruman and gets captured and its gonna be a while till he comes to protect the little Hobbits. Or, you know, that moment where Gandalf bitch slaps the Balrog but plummets and cant come out for a bit. Or in the Hobbit when he disappears to drive the necromancer out of Mirkwood. Or that other bit where… Well, I think you get it.

Plain speaking; something terrible happened to Gandalf the Flat White that jeapordised the brew-dyssey (I think maybe the quest for brew-topia might be a cool subtitle? No?). That terrible thing… Work.

Yup, it transpired that humble Mr Flat White was no longer going to be able to commit to brewing due to time constraints; he was definitely still up for it, but he couldn’t foresee being able to for a long, long time.


Why was this shit? Because Bifur and I are fucking atrocious at actually doing things; if we get the drive to complete a proposed task it needs to be capitalised on, or it doesn’t get done.


We knew there was only one answer. That answer, we are entirely unashamed to say, was to beg. Beg and plead and hope.

Bifur, bless his stoic heart and unfearing disposition, secured a yes. With one proviso. The brew wad to be small.

This was our original intention upon thinking about the brew, but it had been lost in the ether when we had found our recipe. Again, a trip to the lands of google were in order and I came across this.

It looked attainable but then we found ourselves once more visiting a murky shore we didn’t feel ready for. Grain brewing.

What to do, what to do… And in a stroke I decided- just mix the recipes. Order the hops this recipe requested and scale down the levels of the two malts from the initial brew we had agreed upon. This, surely, would work? No?

Fuck it, we decided, enough of the procrastination. The time was right to throw caution to the wind and get what we thought we needed and just fucking try the brew.

I placed the order for the necessary components on the 8th April from the home brew shop link please… and on the 11th this arrived…


Sigmund Freud is judging those that take no risks!

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