Part 6

Huge Brewdyssy update!!!!

From the quill of Bifurgacheffe Stoutdrunkson of the mines of IPA, scratches into this digital format for your delectation and criticism.

First things first oh dear reader, there was a slight heart stopping moment not so long after the pictured post script in the last instalment where this happened…



Far too much foam…It got worse… the next morning as I dragged myself from my pit towards the cart taking me to my toil I saw to my horror that the brew had completely foamed over. Shit. It had fermented so violently that it had completely filled the void in the bottle with foam and proceeded to produce enough to send an eruption of foam coursing through the airlock and down the sides of the container.

Mea culpa. We shouldn’t have added so much yeast. Dwalin pointed this out but I overrode him because I thought I knew better. I didn’t. Making beer is not the same as making hedge wine and now I know this… So a quick change of airlock later and I headed for work. Hoping and praying that the brew would survive. Dwalin was very understanding and assured me that it would probably be fine, the foam itself would likely have acted as a barrier to that naughty nitrogen/oxygen/carbon dioxide gas mix that surrounds us.

Today is Saturday the day is here for bottling. Its a quick but hugely important step.

I have purchased some fine reusable glass bottles for the occasion (Grudgingly breaking open the Stoutdrunken family vaults to pay for the aforesaid)

Everything is scrupulously sterilised and the beer is syphoned into the waiting bottles (to which a small amount of brewers sugar has been added)

The resulting six half litre bottle of potential beer based joy are they laid to rest under a thick towel. Why? In case they explode. No, really.

In two weeks time the great unveiling / drinking of the brew. Stay tuned for the potential triumph or possible abysmal failure…

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