Quick Combat Patrol games

Come one, come all, and witness the advent of the combat patrol!!!!! (To our pages anyway, unfortunately we did not create the system… – Bifur)

… Or as I like to call it, a post Bif wrote many moons ago that I never got round to editing/adding narrative/commenting on …apologies..

Anyhoo, I now have added narrative to what, quite frankly, is an exceptional piece detailing the huuuuge amounts of fun we had running these combat patrol games!

I hope you folks like the narrative too, by the way, we’ve taken a bit of a different approach this time; we wanted to tie the games together and, well, what better way than taking a step away from the subjective of the commanders and unleashing a macabre prophecy… Which is going to mean a lot more as our next few games unravel…

What could this mean???? HM mmm, stay tuned and, in the meantime, just check this fucking article out!!!!!

Thanks for the intro Dwalin,what follows is a really quick summary of the first leg of a series of battles based on me sticking some small armies together for 40K.This then led to some fun times and possibly a gigantic new adventure….

So the battle of six armies commences with two clashes of less than gargantuan armies.

Dwalin and myself headed over to SELWG to fight as many combat patrol sized games as we could in an evening. We were using the Adepticon rules found here with a few minor changes. Firstly we used a points limit of 500 instead of 400 as I felt this gave us a bit more scope to get some fun stuff in. Secondly I failed to read the paragraph about not including anything with more than two wounds and as a result there were a few characters and monsters in the lists that shouldn’t have been there… Oh well, these things happen and as you will see it didn’t have the effect I thought it might have.

The first battle was Necrons (Dwalin) vs Tyranids (Bifur)

I had not used or faced wither of these armies in 7th edition and so had no idea what to expect. What I didn’t expect was for my Tyranids to get their faces so comprehensively smashed in by those damnably durable Necrons! To summarise,  we played mission 2 (Break them all, tear down all their efforts) which had a number of objectives that needed to be secured and points for things like line breaker, first blood and slay the Warlord. The Necrons had a unit of 14 warriors led by a Lord, 5 Deathmnarks and three Wraiths. The Tyranids brought a unit of 8 Genestealers, Three Tyranid Warriors, Two Zoanthropes and a Carnifex (dum dum duuuuuuum!).

The game went something like this


The Necrons advance on the Carnifex

The Tyranids crept forward, trying to stay out of the way of the Necrons guns, this seemedto be working well until the Deathmarks beamed in behind them and sniped the img-20160418-wa0037.jpgCarnafex, causing two wounds. More terrible moves by the Tyranids saw the Necron warriors slaying over half the Genestealers, the Genestealers then turned around and charged into the Deathmarks who over the course of three turns beat the remaining Genestealers to death with their Sniper rifles. The Carnifex failed its charge against the unit of Necron warriors and was promptly charged from behind by the Wraiths and then from the front by the Necron warriors and the Lord, the Zoanthropes tried to help the ‘fex out but to no avail and he was eventually dragged down by the sheer number of attacks. By the end of the battle the Tyranids were reduced to four models (One Zoanthropes and the three Tyranid warriors, who had done nothing apart from grab one objective to stop a
complete shutout…) with the Necrons only loosing about five models in total! A resounding victory for Dwalin and his Necrons, helped massively by the amazing resilience of the Necron rank and file.

The second battle was Dark Angels (Dwalin) vs Tau (Bifur)

The DA brought a Tac Squad with a Lascannon Razorback, 5 assault marines and all led by a Terminator Librarian (Torva Tenebris Mors Mortise)(LINK). The Tau answered this with a unit of Fire Warriors who had a Devilfish, a Broadside and a Commander with a bodyguard of two ‘Suits.

And some drones (useless, useless drones).


Sniper Broadside!

For the second engagement we played mission 3 “Charging towards damnation”. Basically the capture the relic mission. Both armies set up and warily eyed each other from various positions in the ruins. The battle was opened with a massively lucky (Skilful?) shot from the Broadside which took the head clean off the Dark Angel Librarian (coincidentally giving the Tau Slay the Warlord and First Blood as well as robbing them of a powerful character), this was followed by a chunk of Tau shooting which destroyed the half Tac Squad with the big guns in and the Razorback carrying the rest of the Marines.
Then everyone bundled into the middle to try and get the Relic, culminating in the half img-20160418-wa0057.jpgsquad of bolter marines charging the Fire warriors who (even with the aid of everyone but the Broadside) failed to cause one casualty from overwatch. The resulting two turns of combat saw the Marines smash their Boltguns repeatedly into the squishy Tau’s heads and the Tau ineffectually slapped the marines whilst crying and complaining that the Dark Angels were all big bullies. Suffice to say the Fire Warriors were destroyed. This unfortunately left the marines horribly exposed and they were annihilated by the Tau’s massed fire, leaving no Dark Angels on the table (as the Assault squad had clearly got lost and failed to appear from Deep strike at all..) thus game over, Total victory for the Tau and the end of our gaming night…

We’d managed to play both games in a little over two and a half hours (including setting up the table). Both games were fast, frantic and deadly. Its just how we like to play 40K and we both enjoyed ourselves massively. Stay tuned for more of the same…