Brewdyssey … A plan is formulated

The cracking of the earth was facilitated as the mighty warriors of brew realised the beginnings of their potential; with the help of a guide of mythic proportion they knew, the world would never be the same again…

So, we’ve spoken to the head brewer of a local brewery at this point and he’s basically done the whole ‘you can do this’ motivational speech thing. Think of any fantasy/sci-fi thing where mighty warriors meet a sage of some sorts and he gives advice and you basically get the gist of what occurred.

Heading homeward Bif and I arranged brew date and I planned a recipe… I wasn’t entirely sure how to do this so I found a basic pale ale thing online, looked at it’s grain bill and decided to use a similar hopping level to that of the previous Palmer extract brews we had done. I ordered stuff and with this I took advantage of our brewery friend’s kindness and sent him an email which had this as the main brunt…

“Below is the recipe I’m thinking we might use- is it biting off more than we can chew? Or have I cocked up in my bluffers way of doing things and happened upon a grotesque ale???

3.2 kg Maris Otter
237g crystal (this one confused me as recipe I found stipulates crystal with a number, 60, the website I ordered from only had light, dark and standard- assumed it was standard)

That at 67.8 c for 60 mins in 2 gallon… With a sparge of 4 gallons at the end of that 60 mins. The slow pour in when the wort is about and inch above the grain bed.

Then 12 aau of Amarillo at 60

5 aau of cascade at 45

Chill quick (bath tub- this is the point where we weren’t sure to what temp to chill last time , I think we hit 28c)

Aerate wort (shake bin about)

Pitch yeast (I got Safales British ale- 1 sachet)

Week later put about 227 grams Chinook In for final week ferment.

…. As you can tell we’ve not really jumped into the science of everything properly… Yet :)… Think we get inspired to learn more with each success. “

the reply was pretty much akin to…

‘DO IT!’

…although he also said some stuff about us popping in again to see him so he could advise us a little on how to formulate recipes.


Nuff said.

Until next time folks….

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