Inquisitor : Prologue

The planet had been immolated; nothing survived but the most belligerent of creatures… The Imperium of Man could no longer claim to own this place; less still could they claim to know it. Yes, the flames had purified the surface and there was no labyrinthine under-city to speak of, but there was something undeniably happening within the planet’s very essence. A beacon, calling into the stars, ebbed within it’s core. Something guttural reared its darkened mass skyward, manipulating the ether and calling… Here lies presence to infinity …

That call was answered…

“all hallowed citizens of Ebenezer V; the prophecy has been revealed. Awaken your inner strength and anoint your flesh with the light of the forever”

The preacher stood atop a rubble mound, his peeling flesh demonstrating his unwavering desire to immerse himself in the flame, metaphorical and literal, of his convictions.

For weeks he had been scouring the underhive, twisting the minds of the poor, the denigrated and degraded. He sought to bring unity, to bring peace and to bring the downfall of those that had oppressed the ordinary citizens of this planet.

He professed no allegiance: no man, no god, no being. He merely espoused what he referred to as ‘the Truth’… “ we are all emanations of the same… Of the oneness… Of the kosmic firmament; we are the universe and the universe is the sum of our individuation… Unloose the shackles that keep you tethered to the fiction! Reality is within our grasp!”

To the peoples of Ebenezer V, the sprawling maze of the singular mass cityscape, this was a welcome fire. As a citizenship they cowered in the shadows cast by unending Plasticrete blocks that thrust, impenetrably, into the sky. They had never thought about the machinations within the buildings, the decisions their leaders made abstracted from their suffering. They had only known this hard life, a life they were taught was necessary. Necessary for the safety of their families, of their friends and of themselves.

The teachings, forced down their throat since birth, stated that The Imperium of Man was balancing between multi dimensional malevolence and physical threat; the systems in place existed to keep all humankind safe under the bountiful gaze of the emperor. Never had they thought it might be different.

True enough; fanatics had come before, but they had extolled the virtues of either the Imperium or of the gods of unending darkness; both kinds had brought nothing but pain and death.

This preacher was different… In his words. His majesty. Something new shone…

“and the days of past awashed my senses with a glory of the beginning… The presence of self in that which we call the now brought a clarity to my stirring self; the beasts are nought but our self imposed idolations, our lack of knowing the all encompassing reach of our own true guise within both out oppression and depression… And behold! In the fire of which we cannot bear sight I was beholden to the destiny of our entropic endeavours! The tree, the machine! They are but one and the same!”

First came the waves of the ‘monsters’; unknown cataclysm shaped their very desires. The metallic and the flesh, against one another. Tides of decimation, and rebirth, smashed in wanton attempts to claim a foothold. The hostility in the blackness of this planet could be sensed, the carnal rending of a force beyond even the realms of the most unclassified thoughts… The tides were small because of this; mere rivers intent on smashing back tributaries to make way for the sea.. Blood of beast leached into the ground. The darkness grew. …

The epicentre of the suffering faded, metal undeath back; the next time to return stronger than the first. The carrion thirst for the unknown was expansive; victory against the brooding flesh was joyous, and more was what they wanted.

In the wake of this slaughterous victory more came.. Again, small parties sent to the dark call. The blue skinned and the goliaths of man.

Battle pitched amidst the coals of the eviscerated of before, man once more tumbled… Portent of their ills, harbinger of the ultimate demise.

This did the flames come to me, inhabiting me, telling me… So it has been, so it is and so will it be.

The final flaws will appear, brothers and sisters, and we will soon become the oneness of infinite self… For heed my speech, we are the universe!