The Battle of Beavertown

The Battle for Beavertown.

From the slightly inebriated mind of Bifurgacheffe Stoutdrunkenson, of the mines of IPA, to you, oh dear readers…


So… erm… Hi.

If you don’t know about the now world famous Beavertown Brewery then please go check out their site (clickety click on their name; we’re progressing you know) and drink their beer, we did and it rules….

On our latest gaming day Dwalin and myself decided to explore the brightly coloured delights of this North London house of BREW-MOTHERFUCING-MASTERY.

Dwalin had already procured a selection of the aforementioned brewers delights, from what appears to be a particularly fine beer peddling establishment, Kris Wines Craft Beer Shop. Seriously, check out these pictures and marvel (again, look, a hyperlink! Blessed be)…

…Yeah… there’s a lot of beer there, and I am dutifully told the eponymous store-keep, Kris, was a fount of knowledge leading our Mr Espressoshield through some great brewers from near and far. Yes, I sense Dwalin will be visiting this store many more times to stock our gaming days… AS LONG AS HE KNOWS WHAT’S GOOD FOR HIM.

So fast forward and we’re brewing a new batch of brew for our brew-dyssey (click the link to start at the beginning of that journey, new posts to come soon) playing a rousing game of DEADZONE (click for our review) and, importantly, drinking and commenting on the following beverages…


In plain speak, thus begins our review of 5 different brews created by Beavertown Brewery.
(If you want to know more about each brew from the chaps who made it click the cans… but not these first ones. They’re just for decoration)

Neck Oil Pale Ale

A nice light start to our drinking day. An attractive honey coloured liquid which reminded us both of cloudy lemonade (maybe with an Orangina hit).

The taste was slightly watered down, not a lot of body, but with a good hit of hops and a nice hint of citrus. Kind of like a weissbeer meets a pale ale.

Dwalin – I really like the hops at the fore here, I could drink this one all day long in the summer.

Bifur – It’s nice, I see what it’s doing but it’s not what I go for.

SFJY Rating: 3/5

Smog Rocket Smoked Porter

I’m a big fan of Porters so this was always likely to be an easy win.
A really good rich tasting beer with an amazing, and pleasantly complex, smoky chocolate flavour, for me this was the clear winner of the days samples. This would be a great beer for those quieter evenings in a pub relaxing with other bearded geeks, musing over the benefits of the latest acquisitions from the gaming store…

Dwalin – it’s like good barbecue in a glass.

Bifur – you can taste the chocolate, right? Like high end 90% cocoa solid chocolate?

Dwalin – *silence*

Bifur – What?!? You can?…right?

Dwalin – seriously meaty, like pulled pork, but not specifically pork. Like liquid barbecue smoke.

Bifur – Tell me, please, you can taste the fucking chocolate!!!

SFJY Rating: 4/5

Skull King DIPA (That’s, Double India Pale Ale…)

I was looking forward to this one. 8.5%… Seriously? Awesome.
On the first taste it was reminiscent of the Neck Oil, a similar up front hoppiness. It also reminded us of Wychwood brewery’s Hobgoblin. So this was a was a richer, hoppier, heavier and, frankly, meaner brew than mos t- definitely compared to the other brews on offer today.

Oh and how could we forget… The alcoholic content hits you HARD reminding you this is a beer to treat with cautious respect. We only shared a can between us but both of us quickly felt it’s pleasing warm glow.

Bifur – this is a mean brew

Dwalin – I can feel the alcohol in my face! It’s like drinking whiskey…

Bifur – this beer makes me want to smoke *wanders off and finds his cigarettes…*

SFJY Rating: 4/5

Holy Cowbell India Stout

As a stout this should have been a fairly easy sell for both of us, and indeed with its strong flavour and slight chocolate after-taste it was pleasant enough…. BUT I fear two factors worked against it.

The first was that we tried it after the smog rocket, and we both agreed the cowbell, although good, couldn’t compare to it. That smoky flavour added such a nice complex ‘hum’ to the brew that… well this relatively standard, good, but standard, black beer wasn’t passing muster.

The second issue was that by this point we were indulging in our traditional gaming day feast of pizza; meaty, Jalapeno laden, pizza. This beer does not go well with pizza, this isn’t the fault of the beer but, nevertheless, it coloured our opinion of it… Sorry Beavertown boys; maybe we’ll sling this one down our throats again soon and give it another shot.

Oh… and what in fucks name was Dwalin going on about here…

Dwalin – it’s almost abrasive on the tongue, in a good way, with all the tiny bubbles…sandpaper beer

SFJY Rating: 3/5

Bloody ‘ell blood orange IPA

Oh dear. Apparently I made no tasting notes for this one… Because, frankly, neither of us were impressed. This was basically a good IPA but the blood orange did nothing for us… The Neck Oil, whilst considerably less alcoholic (Bloody ‘Ell is 7.2%), with it’s lighter citrus notes, and almost floral hopping, we felt was superior. Again, Sorry Beavertown guys…

SFJY Rating: 2/5

Final thoughts: Beavertown brew masters, you make some seriously good beer! Smog rocket is now a firm favourite of ours, and Skull King is likely to lead to a drinking competition of bizarre proportions will be drunk responsibly if we were to get our hands on it again…

Smog Rocket is victorious in this round. Though there are plenty more Beavertown Ales to get to and I’m sure they’ll be rearing their heads around these parts soon.

… Oh, there is one slight issue. The price. Each can was about two and a half quid (and the skull king was twice that!), it is really good beer but part of me felt that I was paying a lot of extra money for the can art. Now, don’t get me wrong the cans are cool as fuck…but they end up in the recycling (although, in actuality I have plans for a piece of art to adorn my wall… oh fuck off, Dwalin gets to do pretentious shit all the time and when I do it you all point and laugh).

Case in point, I was in a house of alcohol dissemination recently and it transpired they were selling Neck Oil, fantastic. It was a summers day so I had a pint, and enjoyed it muchly. The price of this pint? Five and a half quid, roughly the same price (per pint to 330ml ratio) as the cans… This doesn’t seem quite right to me.

But, as Dwalin muttered to me, perhaps this isn’t a beer that begs to be quaffed in vast quantities. It’s a beer to be supped and savoured. It is to be questioned, compared and enjoyed in a way many other brews fail to achieve. Add to this they’re a local, small, brew house (well, they’re in London) doing something different to other brewers, pushing the way beer is thought about by sooooo many people, working with other brewers on small scale brews to fortify the beer (I shudder to use this word) scene and, well… perhaps the price can be forgiven.

Yes, Beavertown Brewery’s beer gets a serious thumbs up from us.

Drink and enjoy.
We sure as hell did!

Sigmund Freud judges those who do not recycle!!!!

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