Brewdyssey 5 – Something crusty this was comes…

Dwalin Esspressoshield III

A thunderous eminence can often be felt in the quake of the success. Men may feel like gods, bending shape and form to their will. Glory, though, is not something which remains intact forever; the hammer of actualisation must swing down upon the absence lest obscurity and, ultimately, demise beckon.

With this notion our heroes must re-emerge from their slumber… THE BREWDYSSEY RAGES ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!

Howdydoodee internet folks; fresh from my ramble on about the virtues of this blog, the difficulties in maintaining it and other super losersville words, I Dwalin Espressoshield III would like to present to you the continuing saga of The Brewdyssey.

This post is another one of those ones which is written quite far after the fact; it’s a good thing, in a weird way (seriously, go check my wanky post to figure out why). It does, unfortunately, mean that some of my memory of the actual brew day may be a little off… but no matter, I’ll do my very best to recount the arduous task (note, not that arduous… seriously, all of you should try brewing.)

So, first things first… what the fuck did we brew?

Fresh off the back of brewing a delightful golden ale for our buddies new years party we had to define where we were going next for our own supply of boozy goodness. First we had to figure what style of beer to brew.

We’ve been speaking about brewing a big, fuck off, Barley wine for a while. Something very high in booze, very high in IBU’s and more than a little bit mental. Not to mention Oak aged for as long as we can stand before diving in. Awash with the spirit of frenzy we love so much; we’d begun talking about grain, defining recipes, thinking about Belgian yeasts and then we thought…. We don’t want to drink this over the summer months.

We looked at our stash of the gorgeous home grown supp and realised that we’d smashed all of our #1 beer, Fizzy J ain’t much of a drink for the warmer months (besides, the stuff we have left we want to age for at least a year) and the single keg of Golden Unicorn Sweat was destined for our bellies at a group gaming day… shit. We have no beer!

This meant that we had to veer off course with our plans – we could not brew a malicious Barley wine before we took care of ensuring we had some brew to enjoy during the spring / early summer months. What would we do at picnics? How would we survive barbecues? What on earth would we do whilst waging war across the far flung reaches of the future!?!?!? (Or the past, I really want to play some Warhammer 8th ed… – Bifur)

We went back to the drawing board.

We thought about potentially brewing a wheat beer; one of our newly formed D&D gaming group is a big fan of wheaty offerings from around the world and, with his birthday arriving soonish, we thought maybe we should have a crack at brewing something he’d enjoy.

We researched, looked into other wheat beers that exist. We discussed grain (again) hops (again) yeast (again) and how to use Orange, Lemon, pepper and sourdough culture to create something mouth poppingly zesty…

Then we realised that we are inherently selfish pigs and, whilst we will brew this beer to enjoy with our very good friend, we fancied having another crack at brewing up an IPA storm to ensure we had volumes of libation to fill our days with…

So that’s what we decided to do… though this time we fancied going a little more daring. #1 was a beautiful session IPA; hoppy and all day drinkable. There’s something we learnt from Fizzy J, however, which was floating in our minds… larger alcohol content can help enable you to really push the envelope of flavour. This led us to a decision. This IPA was not going to be for sessioning. No. This was going to be a big, fat, hoptacular beer edging beyond the 7% mark.

Fuck. Yes.

Sigmund Freud is judging those that aren’t eagerly awaiting the next instalment of the Brewdyssey.