Brewdyssey: The journey of the J continues

Epic news people. I mean seriously EPIC!! Your heroes have successfully traversed the great seas. That is to say our beer has, Manly Mens Brewery has gone international. For those who are following the adventure of our Fizzy J we are coming to the mid-point of this grand adventure, the exchange. For those not following check out this page for a catch up

I’m not going to take up much more time here, I am in fact going to hand you over to our heroic shadowy Courier and our new Contact in the Americas. We pick the story up roughly where we left it last time, Dwalin had just made the drop and our beer lies firmly in the hands of The Courier…j-is-packed

After a short walk to Fulham, the J reached The Courier’s domicile. Careful packing and the J is ready to go (Its the grey blob in the middle) where no J has gone before…. or something (oh dear gods, is there no escaping Star Trek??? – Bifur)

And from here, our carbon footprint takes on an impressive step up. A mid-morning District line ride gets us to Victoria Station. Victoria station then leads us to switch to a bigger, better train that gets us to London Gatwick lax-labelAirport.  An easy dropoff and the bag is checked and packed into the underbelly of a wide-body jet. The journey proceeds to the Northwest: crossing Northern Ireland, the Atlantic, the southern tip of Greenland, more Atlantic, northern Quebec, Hudson bay, lots of Canada with nothing in it, some rectangular states and finally into Los Angeles international airport. Seriously, that’s the great circle from London to LA, the Mercator globe projection is awful and if you thought the J was going to do anything close to crossing the Mississippi then you should go read about Gnomonic projections on Wikipedia (Go check it out here…, don’t worry, I’ll wait…. See? I told you.)

A seamless but annoyingly inefficient hand-carry through US customs and the J has done it, it has entered the USA. (Manly Mens Brewery would like to go on record as saying that the US Customs and Border Protection is neither annoying nor inefficient. Should any federal agencies be monitoring, sorry, “happening” upon our blog please understand that we fully support all the great work you do. Please don’t seize our packages of beer…Do you think they bought it guys? – Bifur)

From here a private auto joins a few hundred thousand other cars, all driving on the right (ie right (Wrong! – Bifur)) side of the one of the most consistently congested roads in the US, to get out of LA north to the American Riviera. A short trip across surface roads gets the J to its second university campus (apparently the courier only conducts exchanges at institutions of higher learning, that’s where alcoholic beverages are most needed) and the J is passed on once again

and finds itself back in the hands of a long haired and bearded nerd.


Whom it immediately escapes to go visit yet another body of water, the Pacific.

Thus ends the journey of the J… further commentary to follow

Bifur here again people, just a short interlude to tell you about the last part of this venture. Our man in the Americas is doing us the honour of supplying us with some actual American Homebrew. Both Dwalin and myself are beyond excited at the prospect. It’s not only that is it new beer to try, nor is it that its from what is arguably the home of the new wave of home brewers but it is also from our new Brother in Brew a fellow ghetto level home brewer… Read on for more pond hoping…

And thus starts the journey of The Three:

The Journey of The Three begins with their last look at the local lagoon, before being passed on to The Courier.

The route is reversed and remained thankfully uneventful. In summary: LAX -> LGW -> Victoria -> Fulham Broadway -> Walk to Imperial -> Waiting eagerly for its drinkers to come pick it up!

The finest US homebrew is on British soil and awaits the arrival of hairy brew hounds (Dwalin and me) be sure that The intercontinental tasting notes will be shared with you, dear readers, as soon as we have enjoyed the offerings and the much travelled Fizzy J has been supped and critiqued…

p.s.Just thought I’d add – I never thought I’d be jealous of a bottle of beer, but looking at those pictures of the J on the beach in California? Damn.