Brewdyssey: The Journey of the J

Sometimes a journey must be physically far as well as spiritually far. In this case three of our adventures most precious creations journey so very far from home with the aid of a mysterious figure only known as “The Courier”.This journey would encompass various methods of transportation and swiftly become intercontinental.  Will the trio survive? only one way to find out…

Way back in June Bif and I took a tour around Camden town brewery (Anyone who has at least a passing interest in either Brewing or drinking beer should defiantly take this tour.Great things come of it: inspiration, advice and of course BEER! – Bifur) . Whilst there we met an American physicist, who was over for a ten day physics conference; he was alone, he was long-haired, and he liked beer.

We were intrigued, though, why was he here at a brewery tour…. Was he just bored or was he, shock horror, like us? Was he a beery nerd awash with the joys of home brewing?…. Simple answer, yes.

Post tour we cornered him, ostensibly to welcome him to the UK with our famous wit…. And swearing. Always with our swearing. (fuck you. Swearing whilst drunk fucking rules!! – Bifur)

We bonded over some exceptionally tasty beer; IHL, a hopped up lager delighted and bruised our taste-buds, but for me ‘flue faker’ (a smoked lager) really delighted the brain.

As we got more and more into the flow of conversation (included by now in our group was the tour guide, and a Dutch couple) we debated mashing techniques, brew in a bag, hops, yeast and hops again… And then we hatched a plan. An international homebrew exchange. Our British brew winging its way to our friend in Cali, and him reciprocating with his American ale.


A few weeks went by, emails were sent and… Well… We got stuck. The legality of giving away homebrew in both countries is questionable (The taxman needing his cut and all that jazz). Additionally its apparently illegal to send booze through the US postal service.

What the fuck do we do?

We had ideas to counter these issues and no doubt we’ll employ them further down the line… But for now something far, far more reliable has reared its head.


Shit… Could this be real??? Our American friend has a colleague in London… A colleague who steps on a plane in a couple of weeks (actually, at time of writing, this week)… And he will be a private fucking courier, FOR OUR BEER! YES, YES, GOD FUCKING DAMN YES!

The only problem… The flight is too soon to brew some beer. In our conversation we had discussed all kinds of crazy brew ideas… Prominently brewing a beer whilst dancing, and using the jig to centrifugally clarify the beer… Could we do this?

No. No we couldn’t.

What could we do? We had a certain beer we’d saved a crate of to age. Which beer? Here’s a hint: its black and smoky…

America, prepare to be bombarded by Three bottles of Satans finest and fizziest jism.

Stay tuned readers, as manly men’s goes international!!!