ToS: 130 Who Mourns for Adonais. 131 Amok Time. 132 The Doomsday Machine. 133 Wolf in the Fold.

​As promised my fellow Trektacular geeks… It’s time to boldly go where loads of other people, including ourselves, have gone before as we go 


Well, shit a brick, it’s been a while. Since last I checked in with my journey through Rodenberry’s image of the future a shit load as happened… It’s been just over a year for fucks sake! 

New job, more gaming, brewing, growing a child… The list is lengthy and, unfortunately, has gotten in the way of dedicating time to my journey… But friends, we are hitting warp speed again! (Ugh. Star Trek Puns… – Bifur)

This post I’ve got four (yes four!) episodes to talk about… Unfortunately three of those episodes I watched early last year and can’t really remember much about. Balls… Ah well, I will quickly run through the bits I can remember and let’s have a go at analysing ‘em anyway shall we? Maybe analysing is the wrong word; tell you what, let’s just go into this with no expectations shall we? 

Who Mourns for Adonais? 

OK, a quick google and… Bam, yes! I remember this episode. 

There’s a planet, on it is the Greek god Apollo and… Well this isn’t too surprising… He doesn’t want the crew of the enterprise to leave! Pah, who would’ve thunk it… Oh, and Apollo has godly powers which make that a pretty easy endeavour…. 

OK, it’s one of those episodes but, you know what? It is actually quite enjoyable. Not least for the franchise finally branching out from objectifying women and instead objectifying men instead. That makes it cool, right?… Equal ops nullification of humanity beyond anything more than base sexual volitions. 

Apollo does want a wife though and, well, that leads us back to female reduction… But I guess it’s also making a mean comment about men? … You know: all men want is sexual congress and a wife… fuck it, watch it yourselves, see what happens and come make some comments below… I’m moving into

Amok Time

This is that episode that everyone knows and loves because of that great Jim Carey film, Cable Guy!!! Oh, and the Big Bang Theory…

You know it right? The whole kirk v Spock showdown on Vulcan with tense music which has everyone worried one of our two protagonists is going to die, thereby destroying our beloved franchise… 

It’s awesome, it’s full of talking points concerning emotion, sex, marriage, religion, the nature of the self, the role of violence within society… The list goes on! Mainly though it’s a fun episode to watch! 

The Doomsday Machine

What a cool title for an episode… Again to google to remember the episode and… Ur, did I watch this one??? Let me check viewing history… Errrrr… Yep definitely did

Hmmm… I remember some of it… Oh yeah, evil space destroyer thing reaping ultimate destruction on everything… Uh huh… One ship gets completely mangled and all but one crew member dies… Yup

Oh and he goes batshit crazy… That bit I do remember.

So I guess this is a comment on the potentiality for complete insanity when all life’s futility is openly addressed at you in an undeniably visceral way? Stare at the abyss and all that…


… I really wish I’d written these things at the time I watched these episodes- I cannot do these episodes justice. What I can do though is move on to….

Wolf in the Fold

OK folks- we’re on track now. This one I watched TODAY and dude, it is GOOD TO BE BACK!

So; Hedonism. This is the focus of the planet that Kirk, McCoy and Scotty find themselves on.  

What’s interesting is the reason they’re down there is something to do with Scotty being angry with women and Kirk thinks the way of getting him over that is to thrust him into a situation where unbridled sexual congress is on hand… seriously, I mean SERI-FUCKING-OUSLY. What on earth is that about? 

Yeah, I get it, there are definitely going to be places in the universe that are all about banging but, for fucks sake, those are not the places human beings that are the foremost envoys of earth are going to be hitting up in order to overcome psychological damage!

I mean; they might be, but not when that damage directly relates to gender and a view on the oppositional gender. At the very least SURELY YOU’RE JUST INVITING TROUB…

Oh shit, yeah, obviously that’s the point of this episode… right… because Scotty gets implicated in some serious murdering of ladies on this planet..

Oh, oh wait.. no, it’s not the point because… well… do I ruin this for you? 

I shan’t

So what can I discuss? Well, erm, it’s a bit racist too? 

The race that inhabit this world are definitely modelled on the super duper stereotypical ‘sexy Arabian nights’ middle east… ‘cos that’s how they rolled in the past.

OK, OK… I’m unnecessarily finding fault in this episode because, once you leave the anachronism at the door, there lurks an epic episode. There’s fire, gyrating, pure undying evil and the whole thing is just super weird and very VERY unnerving. I loved it. 

Philosophically what can I discuss form this episode though? I’m not sure… maybe there’s some kind of moral fable about the hidden darkness within unbridled excess? Perhaps the focus of the story is about gender identity… what does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be a woman? What are the stereotypes both genders fall into around one another and to what degree are these stereotypes satisfying to the individual that develops their element of self? 

There is an angry scorned man in the episode – he is totally wrapped in his internal grief and has deluded himself to believing he was the object of Love. What is this? This position of requiting the unrequited, this living in a fantasy world of love (by which I mean this specific example, not that love is a fantasy… I definitely believe in Love – Love you Bif lovely lady I live with)… surely it is a personal torture? Is this some form of recognising the self as the other recognises you… the upsurge of I Loves the upsurge of other though will never truly know if the upsurged other returns that love. Any indication that this is not the case therefore solidifies a loss of the upsurge of self… I love but am not loved, therefore I should not Love myself because the object of my idolisation, the one I believe is the I for which I should aim, deems me unworthy… but I cannot be sure, so I must enforce a belief I am loved.

This position of personal delusion is surely known and, therefore, can be understood as a falsity- I am now both unworthy and deluded. That’s some heavy metaphorical flagellation… no wonder he killed that bitch… 

ha! Just kidding… no spoilers remember. 

What is cool as a thinking point is the idea of emotional continuous existence. There’s a whole supernatural murdery thing going on but, as with all things Trek, could this be an allegory for a pervasive form of emotional response existing throughout out societal pressures… an example, Hitler as a historical figure is a one which individuals struggling in society may identify with if they have difficulties with the multi-cultural nature of their society (for whatever reason). With Hitler being an idol the individual would exhibit something of the nature of Hitler… it’s why neo-Nazis abound… If Hitler did not exist then, perhaps, there would be no development of certain particular forms of racially charged hate… maybe the lack of any identifiable empathising figures of potency will allow individuals to move beyond their initial volitions and come to terms with their own responses.

Sure, some dickheads would still exist, but maybe a bunch more would be gone? 

We then have the issue, however, of the opposite response to these figures being eradicated- if it wasn’t for Hitler maybe we’d be more open for mass hate crimes and nations wantonly persecuting individuals based purely on faith and hereditary because the general populace wouldn’t have learnt the lessons of enabling a hateful dictator come to power…

… ‘ and the home of the … braaaaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvveee’

There we go folks- we’re back at the helm and man, does it feel good. Until next time…

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