105 TOS Balance of Terror 106 TOS What Are Little Girls Made Of? 107 TOS Dagger of the Mind

Welcome one and Welcome all once more to Sigmund Freud Is judging You’s irregularly regular posts about that most prestigious of all science fiction shows… the one.. the only



I really felt like coming up with a bit of a bombastic intro for this one… Why? I hear you ask.

Well, dear reader, the reason is I am currently embarking on getting these blasted posts up to date with where I have most recently watched AND IT FEELS LIKE I’M GETTING CLOSER!

I haven’t watched an episode in WEEKS. Seriously… I feel like I’m doing terribly with this fucking challenge… until today. The end of the first 15 episode write ups is approaching and BOY OH BOY are these some good episodes. I know by the end of this week I will be free to power the enterprise up again… I’m excited!

So, lets get moving… here are this weeks episodes.

105 TOS Balance of Terror
106 TOS What Are Little Girls Made Of?
107 TOS Dagger of the Mind

What can I say about ‘balance of terror’… Well, how about this


… yeah.

Not actually sure I fully agree with my own emphatic statement there, perhaps I’m riding high on this episode being a swift move to the intensely psychological from the last post’s slightly lacklustre episodes (eek, lacklustre episodes… maybe just a lacklustre write up? Gun me down if you think so).

This episode is something that is uniquely of the cold war. Why? Well, my friends, it’s basically one of those nuclear sub films (you’ve seen ’em I know) but in space. You know what though? It’s better than any of those movies.

Yes, a part of that is the premise, we’re all here for the same reason and that reason is more than likely we enjoy shit going down in space more than in a hyper-real military setting, but it is for more than this.

BEYOND our initial geek affectations, the emptiness seems to heighten the desolation of the Humanity contained within the vessel. Sure being under the sea is scary, and you’re isolated with no escape, but, hell, space is a vacuum. A vacuum devoid of ALL LIFE, a vacuum in which the temporal notion of being is truly magnified to the point where meaning is absolutely peeled away leaving nothing but the abject nature of bleakness behind. Under the sea you can at least get groovy to the mystical rhythms of Sebastien (ouch, sorry… had to be done), but in space you are truly in the abyss and we all know what that means… don’t we??

It means this episode is extra taut… like a tightrope walkers teeny string suspended over a big fuck off chasm. That adds to the exceptional nature of the episode and helps the Trek shit all over that standard nuclear sub crap. Given you allow the idea of the allegory to not have been lost on hyper scared cold war denizens.


“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you”
Oh Freddy, youre imperious words send shivers down my spine…


So, what does this all mean? It means in this episode we see Kirk at his strategical best, Spock rolling out his logic and some intense manoeuvring by some intellectually abundant, super warlike, dudes called … THE ROMULANS (check the moody pic below)…


That’s right folks, here lie the seeds of the entire race. Here is the beginning of that thing that Star Trek does oh so fucking well… it’s xeno-pology. Whats that? It’s like anthropology, but about alien races that don’t exist. I made it up. I hope you like it.

It’s trademarked.

Like this xeno-pology TM.

So don’t steal it

Anyway it seems to me the question we’ve got to deal with here is… Does Kirk’s unrelenting actions to destroy the Romulans because of the feeling that they would rally a heavier warlike presence mean that in actuality he is just as malicious as his opposition…. is that emptiness in space something that has pared him down to naught more than a reflection of his enemy?

This shit is honestly Epic. The race creation, the intellectual hoohaa… I’ll leave it here and move on, but seriously. Ace episode.

What are little girls made of is an episode that, frankly, I didn’t really have much of an affinity with… there’s an android swap Kirk and Spock being Spock and figuring shit out but… I don’t know. Maybe its just when I was watching this episode… or again maybe its the degradation of the memory of the episode in my mind but I just didnt find this enthralling.

Though I will say, still a fun romp as with all Trek… and costume wise I am all over the black and blue combo like a rash. Check it…


Hmmmmm… you know what, thats a bit of a scant outfit. The 60’s doing their thing again…

Here, have a picture of the best moment from the episode


Thats Kirk about to club the big fella in the back with a cock he found…
I mean rock… its obviously a rock.

Onto the third episode for this installment and we have ‘dagger of the mind’.

Firstly, the Shakespeare reference… is it big? Is it clever?


I love Shakespeare (in fact I challenged myself to read all his plays not long before challenging myself to hammer up the Trek) and love what Star Trek is doing here. It sets an incredible tone for the episode, it instantly reflects how we should be assimilating whats going on. This is art. This is groundbreaking. This is about existence, cognisance and… well, a fuck tonne more of the awesomeness that old Billy used to discuss.

Tonally this shit is abject much like ‘ Macbeth’….

Basic gist of this episode. A rehab planet for the criminally insane (cant tpe that without thinking of slayer) is visited by the enterprise. A crazy dude arrives on board the ship and tells the crew that some big bad mind wiping shit is happening on the planet. Kirk lands and investigates…. I loved this episode and am not going to ruin it for you. I can say this without spoiling the episode methinks though…

I saw ‘Shutter Island’ for the first time a couple of days ago and OMFG (yeah, I’m hip ‘n’ shit) did the dude who wrote that STEAL THE FUCKING PREMISE OF THIS EPISODE.

Yeah, I’m done now…

Until next time…


William Shakespeare verily doth cry unto the absence of space… ‘ Thou art mine frontier final, and I shalt verrily esplore thee to findeth new worlds and new civilisations. Verily I shalt boldly go whence no cock-holder hath traversed whence fore mine begotten exist’.

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