February goals met!… (nearly)

Good evening boys and girls, Bifur here. I’m a little late with this months article but I’ve been distracted by a new toy; my new 3D printer! (Expect more on that another day…). Distractions aside, I have actually managed to achieve all the goals had set for February (with one small omission). I may have set my goal bar fairly low this month, but I’m trying to ease into things and the entire world is insane. Pandemics be damned, I will continue on my quest to have a small batch brewing cracked and four fully built and painted armies by the end of the year!

First things first; How did I do with February’s goals? lets take a look:

  • Build my small batch mash tun and brew a beer with the kit.

I managed to get this one done without to many issues. I used the same technique to build the mash tun as I did with our full size one, but… smaller…Check out the full write up here.

I then managed to do a quick test brew in the kit to dial in the numbers and see if I needed a different pan. I threw together a quick IPA / APA and gave everything a trial run.

Good news, it all worked as I had hoped and I reckon I can get about 70% efficiency out of the tun. The beer I brewed had some trouble carbonating, which I think is mostly due to the fact its bloody freezing in my house. I need to find a way of keeping stuff a bit warmer…

  • Deathguard – Build and undercoat the Blightlords.

This was my one slip up, I built these guys no worries and then completely forget to undercoat them. As you can see I’ve left some arms unattached so I can magnetise them and have some weapon options. As penance for my forgetfulness I will try and get them undercoated this month, in addition to my new goals…

  • Dark Angels – Build and paint the remaining Bladeguard

This one I’m fairly proud of: here is the second half of my Blade Bro’s for the most edgy of all space marine chapters, the Dark Angels. I did some slight conversions on the models from my second Indomitus set, using bits from a Grey Knights unit. Basic head and weapon swaps, combined with easy arm repositioning means that they look just a bit different from their three brothers.

  • Fatties – Build and undercoat the Tyrant and the 2 beasties

Nice and easy one this one. Two big beasts and their Tyrant boss built and undercoated, ready for painting….

  • Stinkies – Build and undercoat the Plagubearers

Another easy one really. These guys pretty much complete the troop section of this army and now they’re built and ready for painting in their wonderfully disgusting colours.

You may notice a couple of them have a hint of purple and green on, I was testing out applying the washes with an airbrush, for full results: Stay tuned.

So there we go, I nearly did it. Just one slight hiccough in an otherwise glorious hobby month. I will make sure those errant Death guard are finished as soon as so I can be getting on with this months lofty goals, speaking of, here they are:

  • Brewing – Brew something different. Nothing specific, just something I’ve not done before to baptise the new kit properly.
  • Death guard – Paint the Tallyman and convert and undercoat a plague marine to be carrying a Plague Flail
  • Dark Angels – Finish painting a unit of 3 Outriders
  • Fatties – Re-base all those gods dammed Gnoblars… I hate re-basing.
  • Stinkies – Build a Great Unclean one. You heard me build.

And on that bombshell,


Freud judges those who bury the lead

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