Dark Angels vs The Vessen 409th

So here we are for my battle report for my latest foray into the 40k universe. I took my Dark Angels against an Imperial Guard army led by a gentleman from SELWG. I’ve never ventured to a gaming club before and had no idea what to expect. What did get? A brilliant game with an excellent opponent in a friendly atmosphere with a group of really nice guys. Loads of games being played there, that night I saw 40K, X-wing, a board game I didn’t recognise and a couple of historical systems.

Enough of that, suffice to say I’m a fan of this club and I’ll probably join if I can… Back to the game. I’d decided on my Dark Angels for three reasons, one – I wanted to try out the new Decurion style detachment available to them, two – they were nearly all pained and three – I could transport them in one of my new(ish) KR cases. My opponent had already told me that he was going to bring an armoured detachment an this meant lots of tanks. I love the IG tanks so I was already looking forward to this battle.

My army list was simple, Three tac squads (one full with a rhino, one full with a razorback and one half squad), and assault squad, a devastator squad, a dreadnought with a multimelta, all lead by a Chapter Master and most of which will be hiding behind an Aegis Defence line with a Quad Autocannon to take care of any air support the guard brought. The greenies would hold the line until my turn two when the other part of my force would turn up, this comprised of… 15 terminators! Split into three units (A unit of Deathwing Knights, a unit of Deathwing with a Cyclone missile launcher and a unit of Deathwing with an assault cannon led by my Librarian). Could the marines hold the line against a fully armoured onslaught until the super armoured might of the Deathwing turn up? Lets find out…

***But before we do I should explain that all of the photos in this report are lifted from my opponents blog here. Check it out people the conversion work and painting is inspiring to say the least***

Librarian Torva Tenebris Mors Mortis surveyed the pict display of the unfolding bttle on the plantet beneath him. Hre could see the thin line of Dark Angels dug in and he copuld see the mass of Imperial Guard armour grinding towards them. If all went to plan the Chapter Master and his battle brothers could hold the line then the Deathwing Redemption Force he was heading would be able to teleport down and destroy those inconvenient tanks and extract the artefact. Torva knew many of his brothers risked death on the planet below but he was confident in their abilities and this was the only way to retrieve the artefact, and that was why they were here.  Besides, Torva had faced Guardsmen before in the pursuit of the Fallen and knew they lacked discipline and the ability to hit any target smaller than a Gargant with those cumbersome battle tanks of theirs. Still, there were a lot of tanks inching their way towards the Dark Angels lines…

Set up –

We set up in opposite corners, well I set up half an army and my opponent set up all the Vessen 409thtanks. Seriously, so many terrifying steel behemoths lined up in the opposite corner I was afraid I wouldn’t have space to put any terminators when they did turn up.  This was going to be tough but I was sure my armour would hold and I could get plenty of melta weapons, powerfists and chainfists stuck into the soft underbellies of those tanks should turn them from Terrifying war beasts of destruction into so much cover for my troops to advance through.

Turn one –

Dark Angel tac squadThe tanks rumbled ominously forward and opened fire. Despite it being night fighting and pretty much everybody hiding in cover my marines still took a battering, loosing the rhino and then the squad inside evaporated by superheated plasma. In response the marines did…nothing…bugger… But that’s fine cos those tanks would soon have to face terminators armed with can openers….

Dark Angel Tac Squad

Tac squad forced out of their rhino and about to face a wall of plasma…

Turn two –

Before my tank busters could turn up the guard tanks edged closer to my lines and once again pounded my unfortunate marines with frighteningly accurate heavy fire, wiping further troops from the board and giving the God Emperor of Mankind more cause to cry those valuable tears. In other news after some difficulty the guard managed to destroy my Anti-air Quad Gun, meaning that when their Vulture turned up  would only have two missile launchers to take care of it. Both units of Normal Deathwing turned up and pretty much appeared exactly where I asked them to, the Deathwing Knights on the other hand 20160401_213224-1.jpg.jpghad a slight teleportation miss hap and landed on a corner of the battlefield too far away from anyone to have any effect on the battle, ever. Bugger, but such is the risk you take with being able to teleport right into the heart of the enemy.. The other risk you run is the fact your terminators cannot charge in their first turn they appear, meaning they were not able to wreck the terrible vengeance I had been hoping for, on the other hand it’s nigh on impossible to kill terminators so my turn three should be an orgy of exploding tanks and crying guardsmen.

Dark Angel Dreadnought

The dread manages to immobilise the Demolisher

All this being said my hero in a walking coffin (Dreadnought to you and me) managed a massively expert lucky snap shot with his multimelta and disabled the dreaded Demolisher which had caused so much death and destruction to his battle brothers. In addition to this the terminators managed to take out a couple of the Chimeras with a weight of storm bolter fire.

Librarian Torva stumbled as he emerged from the uncertainties of teleportation, it was never exactly fun but something odd had happened and they were slightly off target, never the less he and his battle brothers dropped into firing positions and unleashed a storm of fire into the Guard tanks that surrounded them. The vox chapter was full of the sounds of dying battle brothers and the unrelenting cursing of the Chapter Master as he pointed out obvious flaws in the tactical planning behind this mission and suggest, quite graphically, where Torva could stick the artefact when and if it was finally retrieved. This being said glowing runes on his tactical display showed that the Knights had teleported exactly where they were supposed to be, it should only take them a few minutes to locate the artefact and teleport back to the Battle Barge. If they could just hold out long enough for that to happen then, although regrettable, the deaths of so many Brothers would not be in vain.Besides, the Deathwing were planet side now, soon they would be able to tear into these clanking behemoths with their chain and powerfists then these impudent Guardsmen would know what it isto stand in the way of the Dark Angels.

Turn Three –

Yeah… Terminators die. I’m now learning this, of the eleven Deathwing who teleported

Dark Angel Librarian

The Librarians last stand

into the right place only the Librarian survived to turn the tide of battle. Ten terminators fell to the combined might of Leman Russ variants and the newly arrived Vulture with its cannon of death. I was in trouble but I was still in control of my objective and although my Deathwing Knights were in no position to hurt anyone they were also relatively safe from harm and coincidently in a position to get Line-breaker points for me. I managed to knock some more hull point of a few of the tanks in my turn and things were looking slightly up. That is until my librarian failed his four inch charge into the back of the Demolisher, that marine will be getting a serious dressing down after the battle.

Turn four (final turn)

Thankfully due to time constraints turn four would turn out to be our last, I could still pull a last minute win out of this one if everything went to plan. Let’s just say it didn’t. Stuff happened, I rolled quite a lot of ones and my opponent rolled quiet a lot of sixes, by the end of the turn My Librarian had died, my Chaptermaster was lying in a pool of his own blood after being assailed by the Vulture and  the only two units I had left were the line-breaking Knights and the slightly diminished Devastator squad who were…sitting on my objective, bravely holding out till the last like any good space marine should.


Game end

The Lion curse the forsaken Guard and their wretched tanks thought Torva as the last of his Deathwing brothers fell lifeless to the ground. This was an unexpected turn of events, just as he turned and prepared to charge into the back of the Demolisher which had accounted for so many of his Brothers a rune glowed on his tac display, the Knights had done it. The artefact was theirs and they were one step closer to another Fallen. This is all that mattered, not the deaths of his brothers or the inevitable anger of the Imperial guard at all the sctratches to their tanks paint. Torva smiled grimly to himself and activated his teleportation device and disappeared from the battlefield, just as a stream of high calibre bullets ripped through the space he had just occupied. A difficult victory but a victory none the less mused Torva as he re-materialised on the deck of the Battle Barge, some brothers were lost but the artefact retrieved and even now was being analysed, its secrets sure to lead him closer to those he was hunting… The Chapter master would undoubtedly forgive him in time for the loss of life, Torva was certain his old friend had survived the battle, even a fully equipped Vulture firing everythging it had should be no match for him. Yet Torva couldn’t shake the feeling that he had brought a pointed stick to a bolter fight. No matter, next time would be different.

Dark Angel assault marine

Death or Glory! or in this case, no death and not that much glory…

Needless to say I didn’t win. The final score was 5-4 to the guard. That close margin in no way represented the beating I took, those Guard tanks are awesomely scary , especially when accompanied by Knight commander Paask and the new formations. I was out gunned, out manoevered and out played and it was a shit ton of fun, with loads of those moments that define great 40K games, such as my lone surviving Assault Marine who steadfastly resused to die, making save after save after save and then trying to kick his way through the back of a Leman Russ (he failed but it was a heroic failure.).

A huge thanks to my opponent (Seriously boys and girls, go check his blog and see what I was up against…) and I shall have my revenge, stay tuned to see when this will be…

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