Part 1

Word up and welcome.

So you’ve read the first post and are fully up to speed on what’s going on, yah? Super cool (hello 1970’s, your phraseology is definitely still relevant).

So we’d decided this thing was happening, but (again) we knew we didn’t want to get a kit. Part of this was the size issue, I’ve never seen a kit less than 40 pints. The main point though was that whole ‘reclamation of ale’ thing I was harping on about in the last post; we want this beer to be, within reason, uniquely ours. That meant we wanted to see what different ingredients are out there and how their inclusion affects the brew.

Of course, however, we knew we wouldn’t be able to do this without a frame of reference. Bifur floated the idea of this Brewdog kit my way. It looked cool but we decided against it for a couple of reasons:

1. It comes with equipment. Whilst not the end of the world, we already have accessible kit to brew with.

2. Its a partial grain brew. As much as we want to brew with the variables under our control we want to get basic flavours nailed first; extract should be good enough for our first brew. It gives us flavour control and removes a big element of potential fuck up.

3. It ain’t cheap. Nuff sed.

So we were left in the figurative desert, a desolate fermentationless land.. Until I found this page

This looked simple; the dirth of information in the book tantalised our ever obsessional minds whilst the immediacy of the initial recipe meant that our, somewhat oxymoronic, impatience to actually crack on without reading additional information could also be satiated. The only problem… The size. This is a 5 gallon recipe and we knew a 1 gallon was all we could muster (at this stage).

…and in stepped Gandalf the flat white. Much like his namesake he entered the fray to save us lesser beings; he had space and he had the desire to help.

A drunken evening with a few friends was the scene of this discussion and a momentous notion was struck; it needed a name to help actualisation before actualisation. I cant tell you what this name is yet, but I can tell you one thing. It is to be made by us, a manly group of manly mens.

And that is the name of our homebrew ‘company’.. Because, you know. Why the fuck not.

… So everything was going to be plain sailing from here on out…

Yeah, what-fuckin’-ever

Stay tuned for more details of manly mens’ first brew!

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