Sparge arm

I feel a bit cheeky dedicating a whole article to this particular bit of kit so here are some pictures of some of our brewing things…

Right. On with the job in hand.

Sparging is the bit where you are basically washing as much of the sugars as you can off the grain and into you wort, you do this by pouring warm water over the grain bed and allowing it to drain through and into your receptacle. In order to do this you need a way of delivering the hot water over the grain at a relatively constant rate and without disturbing the grain bed. If you just dump a jug full in you will end up stirring up the grain bed and you’ll end up with lots of bits in you wort.

So what did we do? Created a shower for the grain. This one’s easy – Grab a soft drink bottle, we found the 1.5 litre Coke one worked well, heat up a fork or something else  pointy and gently melt holes into the bottom of the bottle. Then stick a funnel in the top, position over grain bed and fill with hot water from a jug. That’s it; easy and ridiculously cheap.

A small word of warning. The construction and use of this device involves hot stuff (like forks heated on the stove and pouring hot water near hands). Wear safety gear (an oven glove) or you’ll end up burning yourself and, in Dwalins case, screaming like a girl.