Blood Bowl 2018

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, Bifur here, and it is with great excitement that I can announce that the SELWG Blood Bowl League 2018 has begun! After several weeks of practice games, team drafting and rules discussion with the Commissioners the league has started…

The first day of the league saw three games being played, two friendlies and one Official League game. The two friendlies were:

The Minetown Raptors vs White Orcs Can’t Jump: A slim victory for the WOCJ here, with the Raptors seemingly unable to pick the ball up off the floor and do anything meaningful with it. The Raptors Ogre, K E Castle, also had a poor showing; seeming to spend most of his time tripping over his own feet. One bright moment for the Raptors was when they managed to kill one of WOCJ’s Blitzers, so a slightly pyrrhic victory for the WOCJ

The Gronn Fjord Raiders vs The Marieni Dauphins: After a disastrous start for the Dauphins their coach threw the towel in, sometimes you just have to accept that it’s more dangerous to stick around and knowing when to leave can be a skill. Unfortunately this tactical decision clearly aggravated the fans because the entire Dauphins team and their coaching staff disappeared after the game, an investigation into the disappearance is being carried out by NUFFLE officials but at this stage it looks like they’re out of the competition.

Crooktail vs The Furious Fey Folk: The first League Game of this year ended in a 2-2 draw, with the Crooktails’s Gutterunner running in a TD just as the whistle blew. A close match without a doubt, with the action going end to end and players being downed left 20180209_061143465253357.pngright and centre. The Fey started as the mean to go on, honourable play and not resorting to fouls and underhand tactics and this seemed to rub off on the normally cheating prone Skaven; who failed to commit a foul in the entire match! Highlights included the well timed punch from the Fey blitzer Tinker Brightbuttons, which outright killed on of the Crooktail’s gutterrunners and the Crooktails Rat ogre who, despite spending most of his time shouting  and raging (rolling one’s on his Wild Animal skill roll), was only knocked off his feet once in the entire game and slapped more Elves than a dwarf in an Elf slapping contest. So while a draw is never going to be a crowd pleaser there was enough passes, fumbles, glorious runs and deaths on the pitch to keep everyone happy.

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