From the nimble fingers and less nimble mind of Dwalin Weissbeerson Espressoshield III… a bunch of stuff written to amuse and, most likely, bemuse.


Ah, fuck, was that too much? I was aiming for the quirky, slightly ironic, intro thing but instead it just looks like I’m bellowing, pompous and completely lodged in my own posterior… Forgive me folks, we’re still working on this shit.

Here’s a (slightly more) straightforward intro.

Hi everyone and if you would please make your way over to the gaming section of our articles you will notice a shiny new area entitled Reviews, here you will find what will be the first of many reviews of some games involving the tops of tables, miniatures made from plastic (and/or resin and/or metal), dice, measuring implements and rules that have to be read and re-read and re-re-read before being read again whilst actually attempting to play… yes folks, we welcome you to the joys of tabletop strategy battle games, also collectively known by a slightly less poncy and, admittedly, less cool name; Wargames.

If you’re not entirely sure what one of these things is then you were probably too busy with girls, studying, having a social life without the need of a fantasy world as facilitator and, you know, were cool… well guess what shit-head, the tables have turned and we are now the cool ones so you betta get wit’ da program sucka….

Yeah, OK, it’s still not fucking cool…

But we made beer, so give us the benefit of the doubt. Hell, maybe with your help we can make this shit cool…

Sooooo, on with the review.

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