The battle is joined…


From the nimble fingers and less nimble mind of Dwalin Weissbeerson Espressoshield III… a bunch of stuff written to amuse and, most likely, bemuse.

Good morrow one and all…

This post is one of those random things I’m writing to draw attention to the fact that we’ve done some other writing and it’s placed somewhere else on this website…

So I’m jumping straight in bitches!

Our venerable kinsman, Bifurgacheffe Stoutsdrunken of The Mines of IPA, has been busy hammering his fingers across his archaic computational device to bring you (and I) a write-up of our recent foray into the world of Beavertown Brewery Beers… it was a momentous day in which brew was pitched against brew in a fight to become the mightiest of the rising micro-brewery’s current wares.

Wander over here (you need to link here Bif) to get a fix of SFJY’s irreverent and devastatingly jocular beer reviewing style, and get on board with this shit!


There’s more.……

We started our second brew on the exact same day, yes it is the next batch in our continuing quest for Brew-topia, our BREW-DYSSEY. Stay reading this humble blog thing to find out what we’ve done differently AND read a review of our first batch… the name of this beast is out there already on our Twitter page (, so, you know, you may not be surprised to hear it is called…. and we need a drumroll here


Or, more precisely, it is called Manly Mens’ Brewing Co. BEERD special reserve number 1, BEEFENBRAU.

We’ll explain all very, very soon… until then go read our BATTLE FOR BEAVERTOWN

… oh, and have a picture….


SIGMUND FREUD IS JUDGING … shiiiiiiit, the label can do the talkin’…..

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