The battle of six armies…

Evening ladies and gentlemen, Bifur here and, dear readers, if you would stop a while I have new things to discuss…

Necron, Ork, Dark Angel, Imperial Guard and Tyranid and Tau. These are my six armies for 40K… What? You thought I was making an erroneous Hobbit reference? Not this time, maybe another day. It’s my mission this year to get my six armies into a playable shape. I would like to sort and get them all to 2000pts or more, not to mention having the 2000pts painted, based and varnished.

Now I see these aims written down It seems like quite a big task but my recent sort through of my Orks (see posts here, here and here…) gave me a bit of hope that the situation may not be as dire as all that.

My first stop was to throw together combat patrol style forces for all the armies (using the Adepticon rules) and use these to decide on colour schemes and as a jump off for the fluff behind the forces (lots of named characters, veteran units and thematic vehicles).The only thing I’m changing is that my Combat Patrols will be 500pts,not the 400 pts prescribed by Adepticon. I felt this gave me a little more room for including fun stuff without affecting the ideal of the combat patrol style of play. I’m going to try and get games in with these guys over the coming months so I can see what works and what doesn’t…

Also; with any luck doing these as a series of escalation style armies I’m hoping to spur Dwalin into getting something sorted in terms of a 40k force…

I think if you click the individual images above they should take you to a full size version of the picture, please feel free to try it out…

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