The BREW-dyssey begins…

Have you seen our twitter??? If you have you will have seen a number of images being posted in real time on Sunday. “What were those images, Dwalin?” I hear you ask in a hurried and ever so interested manner. Well, friends, let me not enforce a wait upon your merry little souls. Those images were images of… Beer.

Though of course they weren’t technically of beer; they were of Bifur and I brewing beer. That’s right, it has begun… head on over hereto read tales of our trials and tribulations as we attempt to get to grips with ale creation. We will share the pitfalls, the triumphs, the tastes, sounds, smells and joy as we begin our Brewing Odyssey in, wait for it… Brew-dyssey; tales of the every man brewer…. yeah, we’re trying to be cool ‘n’ shit. Problem?


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