SELWG BloodBowl 2018 League


SELWG Bloodbowl League

Welcome to the first Blood Bowl league of the current edition.

The league will consist of four divisions, randomly drawn. Coaches will need to play every other team in their division, twice, and the winners from the divisions will play each other in semi final games and the two winners from these will play to decide the winner of the cup. The group stages will run from 02/02/2018 to 31/05/2018.

SELWGDuring the group stages Coaches will score three points for a win and one for a draw. In addition to recording their total league points players should also record the number of touchdowns they make, the number of touchdowns they concede and the number of injuries they cause (Serious injuries only, not knockouts.)

Coaches will need to create a new team with 1,000,000 (one million) Gold. You can choose any team available at the time of the start of the tournament, chosen from the Main rulebook, the expansions (Deathzoneand The Alamanac ) or the Team of Legends PDF. Coaches are requested to use the most up to date roster available at time of the league commencing. (If anyone needs the latest roster for their team please speak to one of the commissioners.)

The group stages of the league contain two types of games; Competition and Friendlies. Competition games are where players score their League points. Coaches need to play one competition game against each of their group opponents. In between competition games Coaches are encouraged to play friendly games, these have no effect on league standings but are a great opportunity for Coaches to gain experience and gold for their team.

The rules for the current version of BloodBowl will be used, including any updates from the Deathzone and Almanac expansions and FAQs as provided by Games Workshop

Coaches will need to send the Commissioners the results of their games and any changes to their team so the online team sheets can be updated. All pre and post-match sequences should be finished in the presence of your opponent and both Coaches are responsible for sending in the results of the matches.

There will be awards for –Prematch sequence 1

Cup winner

Most touchdowns

Best defence

Most casualties caused

Top Stunty team

Pre match sequence / Match / Post match – As per p23 Deathzone 1 and p55 of the Almanac
Inducements 2We will be using the following rules: Piling on, Spiralling expenses and all Coaching staff (although coaches will be expected to provide a model should they wish to use Famous (named) coaching staff).

Optional rules for League and Friendly games (Coaches discretion, but if one Coach prefers to use them, they should be used.) – Weather rolls pre-match, Special play cards (if a Coach wishes to use them in a game they should arrange for a pack to be available), Special Balls (the coach wishing to use them must supply the appropriate model)  and Famous referees.

Rules not being used during this League – Star players settling down into a team (they’ll be available via inducements as normal), Sponsorship deals and Stadiums.

What Coaches will need – A Bloodbowl team! You will need to bring a team of suitable models, this is to say you can use pretty much whatever models you like as long as it is clear which of your players are which.  A Coach model is not required (unless you want to be able to argue with the ref, p38 Deathzone 1 rulebook, in which case you’ll need a model). Players who wish to make use of Coaching staff (p78 of the Almanac) can do so without providing models, however if Coaches wish to use Famous Coaching Staff (p78-81 of the Almanac) should provide a model to represent them. Dice, pitch and templates; as only one set of these will be needed per game players can arrange between themselves who will bring them, if players need any of these they can speak to the Commissioners who may be able to assist.

League Rules


The SELWG Bloodbowl League will use the rules as outlined in DeathZone Season 1 and the Almanac.  Thiscasualty-table-3.jpg uses additional rules not provided in the main rule book but we will reproduce some of these charts here.

Players who suffer casualty results as a result of a block, foul, etc must roll on the following table to see what kind of injury has affected their player.




Star Player Points

Players earn star player points (SPP) for successfully completing the following actions.Value modifiers 6

Completion: A player who makes an accurate pass receives 1 SPP when the ball is caught by a member of their own team.

Touchdown: A player who scores a touchdown receives 3 SPP’s.

Interception: A player who makes a successful interception receives 2 SPP’s.

Casualty: A player who causes a casualty resulting from a block or blitz results receives 2 SPP’s

MVP: At the end of the match nominate three of your players and then randomly determine one of the 3 players to receive the MVP award by rolling a D3. This player received 5 SPP’s. Players who concede give an additional MVP to their opponent.

At the thresholds indicated in the Star Players Points table a player may roll 2D6 and consult the Improvement Table. As your players progress then you must modify your team value accordingly.






Post Match Sequence

After the game both players should follow this set post game sequence while still in the presence of their opponent.

Post match A 7Post match B 8