Three steps forward…one step back…

Good evening brothers and sisters of this big wide internet, Bifur here with updates on our various challenges: I’ll start with the good stuff…

I managed to finish these three guys, now they’re ready to reap for the Lord Mortarion! Thanks again for the challenge Azazel,

As for CC Monroe’s and my monthly challenge, CC managed his in fine style, he’s now got a bunch of Mechanicum and a handful more Primaris Marines ready for a full paint job:

As for me? Mixed success oh brothers and sisters. These guys are done and raring to go:

Unfortunately there smaller brethren were not quite finished…

I was so. fucking. close. Just the bases and a bit more weathering and I would have been done! But still, I was close. We cannot win every challenge…

Nevertheless we forge on with our monthly challenge! For this month CC will be fully painting those dastardly Primaris Marines with the big plasma guns. I on the other hand, in celebration of Orktober, will be painting these bad boyz:

2 responses to “Three steps forward…one step back…

  1. Loving those Blightlord Terminators – Hope we can get a bigger picture later on for the end of the month? Or even better, the Blightlords alongside the other units you’ll finish off this month! 😉
    ….like those five undead. They’ll make a fine addition for October Unit-Ed…


    • They’re so nearly finished! Shouldn’t need much more than a few coats on the bases. What’s October’s challenge? If it doesn’t involve orks it may not be met🤣🤣🤣
      I’ve resized the photos to be a bit larger too…


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