September challenge WIPs

Morning people, Bifur here, just a short one to show off a clue of work in progress shots for September challenges. First CC Monroe and myself are halfway through our second monthly challenge, where we just try and paint some damn models…

CC has been forging forward with his pledge to build a big chunk of his pile of unbuilt shame. Another squad of Hellblasters built (in sub assemblies) and ready for painting.

I’ve been busy expanding my forces if Nagash, bringing my Mortarchs up to scratch ready to decimate the lands of the living. I’ve used the new(ish) wash from Games Workshop, Hexwraith Flame, for the smoke/magic effect that’s holding the big guys up and I really like the colour it produces. Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a strong ghostly effect.

Unfortunately progress has been much slower with their grave guard buddies and I think I may have taken on slightly too much this month. Lesson learned? Probably not.

My final wip shot is for the three Deathguard termies I’m trying to get finished forAzazels current challenge, progress is slow but steady – just like the Deathshroud themselves…

Enough from me for now, I need to get back and do some painting…

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