A battle in the Underhive

Good evening brothers and sisters, as I have previously mentioned (in this article) I’ve just embarked on a Necromunda campaign. My brave Goliaths, The Smash Captains, are attempting to carve out their slice of territory in the Arterial Rig zone of the Underhive. My first game was against Vorsprung Dyk Technik, a particularly dastardly bunch of Van Saars who were armed to the teeth with Plasma and Las weapons. My brave muscle bound lads were mostly armed with cleavers and big wrenches. This may not go well…

Being the first game of a cycle both of the gangs were able to roll on the House assistance table, the Technik boys managed to net some extra training and received a butt load of experience and my lads picked up a nice dividen of 100 creds to spend on basic equipment before the game started. They sensibly spent this on respirators and Stimm Slug Stashes…mmmmm, drugs…

Suitably jacked up the Smash Captains took to the randomly generated board for a straight up gang fight. The Technik boys set up in a typically cowardly fashion in one corner and my guys spread out a bit, readying themselves to charge across no man’s land and lay the smack down. Mr Compensator, the Goliath carrying the grenade launcher, blinked first and sent a frag grenade spinning off into the Van Saars; flooring two of them in the resulting explosion. Unfortunately for me their armour protected them from actually getting hurt but at least they would have to waste a bit of time standing up. 

Goliath Van Saar Battle

With this the battle commenced and Mr Hammer, my leader shouted for everyone to move forward. On the left hand side, in a hideously narrow corridor two of the Van Saars took careful aim and unleashed a hail of plasma and las shots at Mr Renderizer (My Renderizer armed champion, are you noticing a theme with my naming here?) and Bobby the Juve (He’s not earned his “Mr” name yet…). The unpleasantly accurate firing resulted in Bobby going down with a seriously injured leg and Mr Renderizer would have joined him, were it not for one of my special tactics cards which meant he could completely ignore a shot. This time he ignored a searing ball of plasma to the face. This guy is tough. As a petty act of revenge I played my favourite Tactic Card, “Click”, on the Van Saar Champion armed with the plasma gun. Enjoy the ammo rolls for that 6+ ammo check gun! Wait you have a skill that gives you +1 to your roll and you instantly reloaded? Bugger… Deciding at this point that discretion was the better part of valour Mr Renderizer scampered off around the corner out of harm’s way. Bobby the Juve crawled painfully after him.

The rest of my gang edged forward, trying to stay in cover as the Van Saar peppered Goliaths on their waythem with shots. The lights in this part of the underhive must have not been working properly because most of the shots missed their mark, or bounced harmlessly of the gigantic Goliaths. The Mr Happy (My champion armed with a Cleaver and a Spud Jacker) got angry and activated his Stimm Slug Stash. The cocktail of drugs flooded his system and he charged head long into the shocked Van Saars. Now, Van Saars can shoot, they’re armed with really nice guns and their armour is decent but when a juiced up Goliath with over-sized construction tools comes crashing into you what you mostly do is get your head kicked in… Mr Happy dispatched two of the Techniks in quick succession, surviving the panicked shots from The Van Saar leader. 

Goliaths charge!

Mr Renderizer wanted his piece of the action and activated his Stimm Slug stash too, charging up on the right of the last two Van Saars in the room, hoping to catch them in a pincer of raging beatdowns before the two Techniks in the corridor could join the fray. Unfortunately the Van Saar leader scored an excellent shot with his gun and floored the raging beast. Seeing their brother hit the deck the rest of the Goliaths opened fire on the Van Saars, pinning the two of them in place. As usual the high tech armour of the Van Saars saved them from too much damage. 

Goliaths take the day

The leader of the Techniks knew he was running out of options; He’d lost two guys to wrenches to the face, two of his guys were out of the running because they were stuck in a corridor and what seemed like a million raging giants were charging towards him, shouting insults and firing wildly. Enough was enough and he signaled the retreat, dragging himself and his injured comrades to safety as the shouted insults of the Goliaths rang in his ears.

Post battle the Goliaths picked up Mr Renderizer who has suffered no more than a nasty scratch to the side of the head and sprayed their tag on the tunnel walls. This area belonged to the Smash Captains now. Along with that they had exploded onto the scene with enough of a bang that their name was now whispered with reverence throughout the local area.

Having nothing much else to do the champions wandered off and spent some time extorting the local business owners on their patch and returned with a tidy sum of creds. Mr Hammer pocketed the loot and wandered off to the trading post, he needed some more muscle to help run the turf and fancied a bit more ranged support. With the best of intentions he planned on recruiting a ganger armed with a decent shooting weapon, what actually happened is he got distracted when a particularly canny vendor spotted a man of low intelligence and high bank balance and sold him a… Sumpcrok! That’s right brothers and sisters, Mr Hammer bough himself a gods damed crocodile! Yeah a ganger with a combat shotgun would have been the correct tactical choice but the chance to have a giant reptilian pet following my Leader about was an opportunity I couldn’t miss…

Stay tuned for more battles and hopefully some pics of my Sumpcrok eating some Van Saar juves.

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