Challenge complete!

Evening brothers and sister, CC Monroe and I have completed our challenges for the month of August… and you thought we couldn’t do it…

Here we are, CC has completed his Hellblasters and the Lt.


So now CC has a full painted, full functional Dark Angel force for his semi final games in the current SELWG league (my glorious Death Guard got crunched and munched in the group stages, the less said about it the better)

I, in my usual just in time fashion, just managed to get the last of my Necromunda Goliaths finished:

So these six hefty thugs will join the other two and engage in brutal gang war (yep, I entered another league…)

Now August is done we have the whole of September for our next challenge. CC was first up to the crease, pledging to build and undercoat all of these bad boys:


Yep, more Hell Blasters. Its not going to be fun facing that many of them!

For me it’s this happy little group:


Two Mortarchs and five Grave Guard for my Army of Nagash. All ready to drop into my Path to Glory campaign force (Yep, another one. I have to stop signing up for things… Nah, gaming’s to fun. More things!)

See you soon people, check out our Twitter ( and Instagram (@fredjudges) feeds for updates…

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