A new challenge, from a new quarter…

Evening brothers and sisters, Bifur here. Not so many days back an old friend of SFJY, CC Monro, messaged me a rather glum admission that he’d fallen into something of a hobby rut. He hasn’t painted anything for over a month and he wanted to do something about it. Being the positive soul he is CC suggested that we do a bit of hobby challenge based supportiveness to get him back on track. I too have been struggling a bit to get brush to model in the last few weeks, it’s been hot as the hells recently and for some reason my hobby space is the hottest part of the house and this has somewhat slowed my progress with projects.

So here we are, CC and I are getting our challenge on and it’s being recorded for you fine people here (and probably on our Instagram page @freudjudges). We’re already part way through August so both are pledges this month are finishing stuff off…

CC Monro – “So my pledge for the rest of August will be to finish my SELWG tournament army. That means five Hellblasters and a lieutenant.”

Bifur- “My pledge will be to have my necromunda goliath finished.”

Right. Locked in then. Best get painting😶 see you soon for some work in progress stuff…


Freud judges those who wallow in the mire of laziness

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