July hobby challenge. Finished!!! Just…

As the countdown clock reached 00:01 I just about finished spraying the last coat of varnish onto the big guy (my Knight Castellan). This has been the first hobby challenge I’ve taken part in and I’m so glad I did. The model is an imposingly large (and detailed) one to paint, I’d been putting it off for some time and I found the challenge really focused me and helped me to complete it in what, for me anyway, was a record time.

Huge thanks to Azazel for the invite to the challenge. I shall be dropping by his blog more often to keep up with the challenges…here’s some more pics of my finished Knight:

4 responses to “July hobby challenge. Finished!!! Just…

  1. Thanks for participating – and what a way to make your debut! This thing looks fantastic, and oh so imposing. Can’t wait to see some photos of it making an equally impressive debut in a battle! 🙂

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  2. It looks fantastic. Did the varnish have any impact on the colour changing paint at all? Did it dampen the effect? (I’ve never used varnish so if it’s a stupid question we’ll gloss over that…).


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