SELWG Cup Blood Bowl Semi Finals

Here we are boys and girls, I present to you the report of the two Semi final games played recently in the SELWG Blood Bowl league;

First to play were the Furious Fey Folk and The Rabid Claws. The two teams had met in a friendly earlier in the season and that match had ended in a draw, but this was a semi final. A draw wasn’t possible, someone would looses and someone would take the stage in the greatest game of the season: The Final! The Fey were missing their Star Blitzer, Tinker Brightbuttons, but as it was such a high profile game the managed to attract the patronage of Prince Moranion, the High Elf Star Player, who agreed to take to the field for the Elves to help them in their quest for the final.

Blood Bowl Pro Elves vs Skaven

The game started well for the Elves with them scooping up the ball from the kick off and rushing in a quick two turn touchdown. The crowd went wild and the Elves took their bows… then the Skaven really started playing. They brutally smashed their way down the field to even up the score in the dying seconds of the first half. 1 – 1 at half time and everything to play for. The two teams lined up again, the Skaven fresh and ready to go whilst the Elves were looking a bit…tired, many of their number were lying in various states of unconsciousness in the Elven Dugout and the team was starting to look thin on the ground. Still, ever the optimists the Fey kicked the ball deep into the Skaven half. The Skaven dutifully grabbed the ball and formed their famed cage, preparing for the push down field. In a moment of inspired Bloodbowl action the Fey abandoned all sanity and began an insane blitz into the cage and their Captain, Trixie Glitterpants, managed to floor the ball carrier. The ball bobbled around the floor, elegant Elves and dextrous Blood Bowl - The cage is brokenSkaven all failing to keep hold of it long enough to do anything meaningful with it, until it bounced all the way into the crowd. An over excited Fey fan heaved the ball all the way into the middle of the ‘Claws half, luckily it landed right next to one of the Fey’s catchers who had snuck unnoticed deep into enemy territory. Unfortunately as he retrieved the ball the Skaven definitely noticed him and before he could get more than a few yards three of the fastest Skaven were on top of him and had wrestled the ball away. They Fey’s blood was up and there was still a chance to get the ball back and grab the all-important second touchdown, but first they need to retrieve the ball… Various Elves moved into supporting positions and the Catcher who had so recently had the ball began his run to deliver a crushing blow to the cowering Skaven who was clutching the ball. Then… disaster, as he came in to deliver the killing blow his left boot hit a partch of greasy Skaven blood and he fell flat on his face (Yep, I rolled a one for his “go for it” and I had no re rolls…) and with that the Skaven neatly extricated the ball from the knot of Elves and closed the cage. By now the Fey had to few players on the pitch, they mounted a brave defence but it was clear they would be unable to stop the Skaven from grabbing the winning TD.

The final whistle blew and The Rabid Claws were through to the final! Exhausted and outplayed the Fey dragged themselves off the pitch and began bandaging their wounds in preparation for the third/fourth place play offs with the winner of the other Semi final…

Meanwhile on the other side of town the second semi final was being played out. The Warriors of the Screend Wind and White Orcs Can’t Jump faced off for the remaining slot in the final. The Warrioirs were clearly the underdogs but everyone loves an underdog story and the crowds had turned out in force to see if the inexperienced Human team could unhinge the veteran Orcs in what would have been the upset of the tournament.

Clearly some of the crowd had their money on the Orcs though as just as the whistle for the start of the game was blown on fan threw a rock at one of the Warriors Blitzers, Blood Bowl, Humans vs Orcshitting him in the back of the head and taking him down and out of the game. The Orcs grabbed the ball and smashed their way to a first half Touchdown. 1-0 to White Orcs Can’t Jump at the beginning of the second half and the Orcs came out swinging, one particularly hard punch snapping the neck of tone of the Warriors’ Catcher’s neck, he was dead before he hit the ground and the crown went wild! (Wilder?).

Blood Bowl - Humans vs Orcs

Slowly and steadily the Orcs began dismantling the Warriors, as they went into the last Blood Bowl - Orcs vs Humans Semi Finalquarter the humans were down to 8 players, then 7, then 6 and the Orcs made a last minute break for the end zone, scoring their second Touchdown. 2-0 to White Orcs Can’t Jump and they were through to play the Rabid Claws in the final.

And there we have it brothers and sisters, two teams will meet for the final game of this season, One which specialises in the dashing game and one that loves to grind their opponents into the dust. This should be exciting, stay tuned for updates. Oh, yeah, there’s also the small matter of the third/forth place play off where two battered and bruised teams will limp their way onto the field and play each other for nothing more than bragging rights and pride, still, it should be violent as all hells!


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