SELWG Bloodbowl League updates

Evening fans of violent sport! It’s been a while since our last league update but the SELWG league has continued apace in that time. We’ve actually managed to reach the end of the group stages and we’ve seen some intense bloody action in the final few weeks of the group stages. It was great to see nearly every team getting in at least a couple of official league games with many completing all of their league games in the allotted time, in fact it was only SFJYs very own Dwalin who managed not to actually play any games at all.

All four leagues have a winner now who will be progressing to the semi final stages and the awards for the secondary prizes have been allocated (but no awarded, all the winners will have to wait till the end of the competition until they get their swag)

League A – It could be said that League As winners, The Rabid Claws, haven’t had it all their own way. It could be said, but it would be a lie… The dastardly Skaven of the ‘Claws have run circles around their opponents, winning all their games and also taking the award for the most Touchdowns in the competition. An honourable mention goes to Da Smak Hedz who, despite being a rookie team, managed to entertain fans far and wide with their brutal (if sometimes ill advised) plays.

League B – White Orcs Can’t Jump ground their way to a well-deserved first place in League B. Crushing all their opponents on their way to the semi-finals. As well as putting the TDs past their opponents WOCJ also seemed impossible to score on, conceding only one TD during all their League matches.

League C – The furious Fey Folk somehow managed to grab the top spot in their division, with an impressive 1-1-2 result. Their success in the season has mostly hinged on not getting to badly hurt by their opponents and everything was going fine until a frankly ill-advised friendly game against the Warpstone Stealers. The Fey fully expected not to progress to the next round and had organised a friendly against the Goblins as a farewell game for the fans, the problem was that they made it through to the knockout stages, so any injuries they picked up would really harm their chances in their semi-final game. But how bad could it be, it’s only Goblins right? With their traditional good intentions, the Fey lined up against the Goblins and… got smacked in the face. Hard. All in all the injuries weren’t too bad, mostly the elves were just stretchered off to quietly recover in the dugout until the game was over. Except their star player Blitzer, Tinker Brightbuttons, who got blown up by a bomb and suffered a set of Broken Ribs that nearly resulted in his untimely death, luckily the Fey’s apothecary was on hand to mitigate the worst of the injury and although Tinker will be missing the next (crucial) game, he did survive to play again.

League D – No one was more surprised when the winners of League D were announced than the coach of the winning team, The Warriors of the Screened Wind. Why were they surprised? They’d only played one game and managed to get through on the back of it! Still, Nuffle works in mysterious ways and a victory is a victory. Congratulations to the warriors and good luck in the semi finals.

Most TDs – The Rabid Claws

Best defence – TBC (Playoff between WOCJ and Gronn Fjord Raider)

Most casualties – The Minetown Raptors

Stunty cup – The Warpstone Stealers

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who didn’t win anything this season – try harder next season!

Stay tuned for semi finals and final result.

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