An unexpected challenge

Morning brothers and sisters, Bifur here with hobby news. Earlier this month Azazel, a fellow WordPress blogger, issued a painting challenge for July to anyone who would care to pick up the gauntlet.

Azazel is know in this corner of the ‘net for their excellent painting skills and their monthly hobby challenge, this month’s was slightly different from the usual; July is all about going all out with a centrepiece model. Leave your units of Empire Spearmen at the door and break out the Dragon you’ve been meaning to start for years!

Never one to turn down a challenge I’ve decided to attempt to get my new Imperial Knight Castellan fully painted and based before August starts. Now I write that down in full that seems like quite a big ask… Never mind, let’s see what happens…

As you may have seen on a previous tweet I’d already had the big guy built:

So now he needs paint! Quick black under coat and I’m ready to start:

I’m not intending to stick to any particular Knight household, my other two knights are painted up in fairly random colours so I figured I would continue in this theme and have my army made up Freeblades, a mercenary company of knights who are equally happy to stand alongside my Dark Angels and my Deathguard.

The best bit about not sticking to a household is I get to play around with new paint schemes and this guy is no exception; because he is such a large imposing model he was definately going to end up as a centre piece for any army he ends up in. Bearing this in mind I decided to hit my friendly local gaming store (Warboar) and purchased a handful of Greenatuff Worlds Chameleon paints . These paints are amazing. They’re colourshift, you know those fancy TVR cars you occasionally see that change colour as they drive past you? Now my knight will do that! Seriously, check out these paints, they’re incredible.

The extent of my colour scheme tests… such a pro…

So, I’ve kind of decided on a colour scheme, now I need to actually paint this thing. In a month. Oh dear….

4 responses to “An unexpected challenge

  1. Now that’s one bloody impressive model. Are you using a brush or airbrush for the Chameleon paints? I picked them up recently but haven’t used any of them yet…


    • A normal brush, I am yet to take the plunge and get an airbrush. They go on well with the brush, you need to do about three or four layers depending on which paint you’re using, but work better out of an airbrush…


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