Something rotten this way comes…

Good day to you brothers and sisters, Bifurgacheffe Stoutdrunkson of the mines of IPA here. I thought i’d share a little hobby experiment of mine with you today. Towards the middle of last year I pledged to pull together three armies made up of the followers of Grandfather Nurgel; One 30k, one 40k and one for Age of Sigmar (here’s the original article) and recently I started painting stuff for the AoS section of my project. Actually as I’ve been mostly been painting Plaguebearers I could use them for 40k too…

Anyway, I wanted to try out some new stuff and also find a fairly quick way to get the deamons pained, as I figured there would be quite a lot of models to get done by the time I’ve actually finished the army.  I’d done some messing around with using washes as the base colours when I painted my Poxwalkers and I thought I’d try that with the Plaguebearers. But I wanted a more unnatural daemonic effect so I decided to try a few different schemes:

Plaguebearers, undercoat

Three ‘bearers, three basecoats. From left to right: Army painter Skeleton Bone, Army Painter Army Green and Halfords white primer. Some nice simple colours to start with, I then used combinations of Sepia wash from Vallejo and green and purple wash from Army Painter:


Gotta love washes… I like the effect the purple gives with the green, it gives a slightly ethereal and bruised quality to the figures. By this point I was already leaning towards the scheme with Skeleton Bone as the base coat (far left) but I decided tyo keep going and finish the modls before I made a choice as to how the rest of the army would be painted. To this end I added a very light drybrush of Niblet Green, from Games Workshop, to give them a bit of extra depth and then I painted the details. Lots of boils, dripping intestines, fangs, horns and rusted swords later the three newest recruits to my newest army were done:

Now came my biggest issue; which paint scheme to pick for the army?!? I really enjoyed painting these guys, they’re a great kit from GW and, despite being highly detailed, they weren’t a nightmare to paint like some of the new stuff. using the spray base coats and then using washes as the main colouring worked really well i think, giving the Plaguebearers a unholy diseased appearance (its also quick and easy!). SO I copped out brothers and sisters. I’m not going to use one of these colour schemes for the army… I’m going to use all three. I’m going to spread the schemes around the army, the rest of the Plaguebearers will be roughly even in the colour distribution, giving them a bit of visual variation whilst keeping well within a single theme. For the other units in my army I will select one of the three methods and keep it consistent throughout the unit, this way the units of more specialist Daemons / Maggotkin will stand out with their uniformity and the big mobs of Plaguebearers will tie everything together. That’s the plan anyway. Stay tuned to see if I stick to it…

Freud judges those who do not embrace entropy.

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  1. You made the right choice there. The variation looks great. I did the same with my plaguebearers and now I have enough painted so I can either mix them together or match them into colour-coordinated squads.

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