Another tournament?!?

Evening people, Bifur here again. It’s that time again… 40k tournament time at the SELWG club.
This year I’m entering my Death Guard (see “new edition new army“). I’m not sure they’re the most competitive army, and I’ve certainly not gone for the most competitive build possible (I haven’t taken 9 Plagueburst Crawlers after all), but it has given me a chance to take Mortarion for a few games at least.
As well as the big guy I’ve taken: two large units of pox walkers for a bit of board control and chaff, Typhus and three Deathshroud Terminators to give Morty a bit of deep striking back up and a unit of Plague Marines with a Myphetic Blight hauler for heavy weapon support and the +1 cover to make them a bit tougher. For a bit of fast moving close combat pain I’ve brought along a Daemon Prince and a Blight Drone armed with a Flesh Mower (because: why wouldn’t I?!?)

I had my first game this week gone and went up against a terrifying but super thematic Eldar Jet bike list. Clearly Papa Nurgle was smiling on me as a series of luck dice rolls gifted me a first turn charge with Mortarion right into the centre of the Space Elf lines and from there he did what he does best – kill everything he touches.

Morty gets a rare first turn charge

Morty and the Bro Squad casually destroy a flank.

Some turns later and i’d won the game, but only just…. turns out the best defence against Mortarion is to give him to many choices of things to kill, this is the second time I’ve sent him down the centre and then had him distracted by something small and shiny in a corner of the board, leaving him out of position and unable to contribute as much as he should. Lessons to learn for my next battle. It was a great battle against a great opponent

The group I’ve been drawn into for the first stage of the tournamnet is a tough one, as well the Elder army I narrowly beat recently I’ve got a Tau commander spam list, another Eldar list, a multi Hive Fleet Tyranids list and a Genstealer Cult list that I’ve already lost against once in a practice game! Never the less I’m looking forward to the games, lots of new opponents and new armies to face. I’ll try and keep you updated on my progress here…

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