…And in other news

Two Posts in one week? Well I didn’t want you to think that I’d been neglecting the SELWG BLood Bowl League, would I?

The league continues, with several league games getting played in amongst the usual wealth of friendlies. The Furious Fey folk continue their campaign, playing a friendly against the Cold Sea Hawks where the Fey scored early in the first half and then played defence for the rest of the game, the Hawks (being dastardly dark elves) managed to pull of a last minute equaliser with a superb rushing play out of their rolling cage. Classic Blood Bowl tactics that the Fey couldn’t counter. The Fey then faced off against the Minetown Raptors in their second leg of the home/away League games. The raptors took revenge for the previous game (where the Fey managed a 3-2 victory), stomping all over the elves and running in two touchdowns for their first League victory (and the Fey’s first loss of the season)

Blood Bowl Elf Union vs Dark Elves

The Dark Elves begin the push to the endzone

Blood Bowl Elf Union vs Dark Elves

The Fey try to keep the Hawks away from their half






In other news; White Orcs Can’t Jump played The Alternative facts. Despite the Chaos pact team having three Big Guys they were unfortunately outclassed by the vastly more experienced Orc team, loosing to them in a friendly but at the same time picking up some valuable experience and skills, not to mention kicking of their league campaign.

Blood Bowl : Orcs vs Chaos Pact

The Orcs smash their way through the Chaos Pact

The Orcward ‘Orras and Da Smak Hedz played an Orc on Orc friendly, although by all accounts the unmittigated violence being metered out by both teams means that the game should really not be described as a”friendly”. The Hedz managed to remember they were playing Blood Bowl just long enough to put the ball over the line and take the win.

Blood Bowl : Orcs vs Orcs

Orc on Orc violence. Always entertaining

The Warpstone Stealers faced off against the Ragnar Brothers in an exhibition match, as it was the first match the Brothers’ coach had played for a very long time. Despite this the Norse gave a good accounting of themselves and if they can get themselves in gear and play some friendlies or League matches they should be a strong presence.

One more thing coaches, we are fast approaching the end of the group stages and many of you have yet to complete you League matches! Get to it coaches

I leave you with some pictures of the Fey getting battered by the Raptors, slipping on their own icy pitch as they did so…


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