Bloodbowl League – Back after a short break

Evening fans of the pitch based fantasy violence that we call Blood Bowl.I apologise for not being as regular as I should have been with the updates but I have recently moved abodes and now am living in a new part of the mine.  My stresses of moving to one sie the SELWG BLood Bowl league continues to gather momentum, nearly all of the teams involved have now played at least a couple of games, some of which have even been leaqgue games!

As there have been quite a few games since my last post I’m not going to try and cover them all (although if you pop over to the Back to the Hammer Blog you can read some very good write ups…) but here’s a bit of an update:

White Orcs Can’t Jump continue to smash their way through pretty much every team they come accross, getting loads of friendly matches in and skilling up nicely.

The Coldsea Hawks have also been busy boys and girls, playing almost as many games as WOCJ, but with less success, the Hawks are still trying to overcome a few early season deaths but they continue to bravely throw down the gauntlet to all comers and are starting to see the dividends of their hard graft.

The Furious Fey Folk played a couple of games, drawing a friendly with the uber fast Rabid Claws (In an unprecedented display of violence from the Elves all four of the Skaven Gutter Runners we’re put out of action) and more crucially winning an all important League match against the Minetown Raptors; just managing to edge out the humans 3-2, despite at one point only having four players left on the pitch (only one of whom was actually standing up).

Anyway, the Season marches on and the competition is hotting up. Although one thing has occurred to me, in a competition such as this there will inevitably be players who have to drop out for one reason or another or players who find it difficult to get games in but a league such as this does rely on its participants… participating. If players are shooting for the “Most casualties” trophy or something similar and teams in their division aren’t playing it can really hurt their chances. Not an official rebuke from the Commissioners, just a gentle reminder that a Blood Bowl season relies on all its coaches.

And now some highlights from recent games:

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