2018 – the year of experimentation

Hello and happy New Year fellow enthusiasts of plastic crack and/or beer, Bifur here, apparently 2018 is already turning out to be a year of new experiments and projects. My delving into the wonderfully vile world of Nurgle continues apace (both in 40k and Age of Sigmar) and many models have been added to both armies, Dwalins painting adventures proceed, I’m running a Blood Bowl League at SELWG (and Dwalin is playing in said league, his first tournament), we’re turming our extreemly sporadic D&D sessions into a regular (possibly even monthly) gaming event  and we are even brewing a Lager! 

“A lager? You two IPA loving Hipsters?” I hear you cry. Well, we might love the IPA but we have always wanted to test our brewing prowess and give the challenge of producing a proper yet tasty Lager. Something with a clean fresh taste, nice and bright, but which is unmistakeable a Larger. So in about a week, and as a celebration of Dwalin’s annual aging festivities, we are going to give it a go. I’ve been reading Palmers brewing bible (link) furiously trying to work out what temperatures we need and when as well as discussing yeast strains with Dwalin. Although the conversation about yeast strains was had several pints into a drinking session and pretty much consisted of: “We need Yeast, but what yeast?” “Lager yeast” “Brilliant. Sorted.” “But we need loads, right?” “Yep, loads of Larger yeast.” We’re so professional. So stay tuned, this could get messy…

One final experiment; we’re growing hops. Maybe… I’ve planted hops anyway. I ordered three varieties from essentiallyhops.co.uk :  Chinook, Fuggles and Prima Donna. I went with a tried and tested British variety (Fuggles) which should grow around here without to many difficulties, a Dwarf British variety (Prima Donna) which is hopefully going to give a good return without taking up the 10/20 meters of space that the others need and An American variety (Chinook) which we both like but which may struggle to survive and produce in the harsher environs of this green and pleasant land. 

They were all planted in tubs at my parents allotment (there’s nowhere in the Mine which gets enough sun or which has the vast amount of space required for their growth). They might grow, they might produce hops and these hops might be tasty enough to be used in our beers. There is only one way to find out and that is to try.

Hops in Pots!

Stay tuned for updates, both hobby and beer related, as the year progresses….

Freud Judges those who take the easy path.

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