Sometimes in life you just have to admit it … You were wrong.

Sometimes in life you just have to admit it … You were wrong.

Friends of the weberlands – this is me Dwalin, your faithful dwarf brethren, doing just that.

You remember that time when Bif challenged me to do some painting in an effort to get me enjoying that aspect of playing with man toys of the dice related persuasion? (The Challage is here and the result is here… – Bif) If you do you’ll remember the outcome was that i enjoyed the day with Bif, loved the beer we drank and was happy with the look of the models after we were done… But you’ll also remember that i felt the process of painting itself was pretty darned onerous.

Well, the presage of time has gently rumbled and, well, I think I may be a painting convert… Not entirely, though.

You see I’m getting bored of my unpainted minis showing me up when lined up against Bif’s mighty colourful forces and a few recent games against another painter extraordinaire have left me… envious.

Also those paints I’ve got in my house are a colossal waste of spondoolicks and birthday presents if I don’t use them.

With this all in mind, and with a tired partner needing bed before I on a few occasions, I decided to dabble in the project of fully realising the green in my greenskins.

Folks; Bif’s lesson has left me more proficient than I ever was with the paint brush. His tabletop ready approach and lack of fear of fucking up have tethered themselves to my psyche… This combined with the feeling that I don’t need to rush these minis and, well, I’ve quite enjoyed the effort!

The stress of painting has gone, the better results I get are far more pleasing and doing the work late at night (last night i was trying a sepia washing on some orc teeth at midnight) has a calming effect, but also helps me stay awake whilst waiting for sourdough bread bulk fermentation to occur!

Is this growth? Is this adulthood? Have I learned… Patience?

All of that is unlikely and I’m yet to approach anything that needs to go above ‘tabletop standard’ but for now all I’m saying is it is now far more likely that im going to get my shit painted…

Also, this all has absolutely nothing to do with the hope I have that my partner might get me Necromunda for my birthday and that I desperately want to prove I am using stuff that she has a dim view of being in the house! (Sure it doesn’t…-Bif)

Here’s a snap of the orc I did some sepia on yesterday- he’s more vibrant than the Orcs I did at Bifs- I think a black wash was used then, but I don’t have one…yet.20171203_200118.jpg

2 responses to “Sometimes in life you just have to admit it … You were wrong.

  1. Just remember – spray paints are your friends! Spray dem boyz with a mid-green, zenithal spray with a lighter green. Let dry, then paint the lionclothings and wash – voila!
    Half the job is done and you can then enjoy working on teef and eyes and spears and axes.

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    • I have yet to teach Dwalin the joys of the angled spraycan… I will deffinately add it to the next painting day though. A quick trip to Halfords may be in order! – Bif


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