New edition, new army.

Evening people, Bifur here. Having finally got round to opening and building my starter box for 8th Edition 40k I have made a decision, one which is going to fundamentally change the levels in my treasury for good… I am going to collect Nurgle armies, all of them! That is to say I’m going to try and put together a Nurgle force for Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 30K (Horus Heresy) AND Warhammer 40k. Now that i write this out in full it seems like a big ask but it should be fun to try…

Her’s some pics of my starting minis…

Two Death Guard marines, the test models for the legion

A plague marine and two of his Poxwalker buddies for 30k


Apic of the Poxwalkers in focus…


That’s the first step in the particularly long road, next stop – Painting.Lots and lots of painting…

See y’all soon

Bifurgacheffe Stoutdrunkson of the mines of IPA

3 responses to “New edition, new army.

  1. Great looking deathguard! Long road, but when they are all painted like that, it’s going to be amazing!


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