Anticipation – good or bad?

Hi folks, Bifur here. I, as well as many of you I suspect, have been eagerly awaiting the release of 8th edition 40K. I spend a bizarrely large amount of time refreshing the Warhammer Community website every day in the hope of a new and exciting piece of information about the upcoming re-boot of my all-time favourite game. But is all the hype GW have engaged in a good thing? Is the anticipation it has built up a positive force? I only ask these things because in addition to the massive amounts of positive feedback I have seen on the internet and heard during conversations with actual human beings (I know, speaking with Humans. But we Dwarves must leave the mines occasionally…) there are, perhaps inevitably, a number of dissenting voices. People are complaining about the rules being leaked, the new models being released and the progression to the story lines that are occurring. The thing is; people complaining about these things doesn’t bother me. I don’t agree with all the complaints but I understand why people are making them. No, what has struck me is the new and increasing cry of “Why can’t we just have it now? Why make us wait?” and I’m starting to agree.

The pre order date has just passed and I’m guessing I’m not the only one who laid down some hard earned gold to ensure they will receive their copy of the new game as soon as possible, but what has all the hype and anticipation really done? On the plus side it’s got everyone talking about the game again (and as I’ve said; mostly in a positive way) but it’s also seemed to taken the wind out of everyone’s sails with regards to 7th edition. People seem to be playing less, as all they want to do is get their hands on the new hotness. It’s not just people not playing games but also people have slowed down on their buying/building/painting as everyone’s a bit unsure what stuff is going to do in the new additions (I’ve suffered from this effect, having painted nothing new for ages and only resorting to painting a handful of Orks because I’ve got a game coming up at Warhammer World soon). The new edition has also resulted in at least on person dropping out of the tournament I’m playing in at SELWG  and a number of others talking about leaving the tournament before it’s finished. This is a shame, 7th edition is far from perfect but it’s still a fun game and for people to drop out of a tournament in anticipation of a new edition seems a pity.

All in all the I’m really looking forward to the release of the new edition, nearly everything I’ve read about it has reignited what was for me a waning interest in 40K (Not to mention inspired me to start a new army… more on that later…) but I do wonder if we really needed two months of build up, rumour and hype. Games Workshop are renowned for being months ahead of their release schedule and this strategy seems directed solely in pushing up the sale of a game that should easily out sell all others without any trouble. I understand that GW is a company and have to make money to please their shareholders and I might just be being cynical, but: lessons have be learned by the computer game industry around overhyping releases and building unwarranted tension and I’d hate to see GW make the same mistakes because they’re chasing a pound note (dollar bill for our transatlantic friends and credit chip for our trans galactic ones)…

4 responses to “Anticipation – good or bad?

  1. Good read. I have to admit it pushed me over into burn out territory. I was getting there on my own but the constant updates, the constantly changing landscape made everything unsure. Even now knowing that codexes are coming makes me reluctant to build any new army based on the indexes because I think there will be loads of changes.


    • Glad I’m not the only one getting a bit jaded about it all… I’m glad they’re giving us a new version, just not sure this is the best way of doing it.


      • I think it was a good plan, they hadn’t done anything quite like this before so it’s not surprising it wasn’t all exactly right. Still like the new direction over the old and in a month or two I’ll be loving it.


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