When in doubt, paint Orks!

Hello brothers and sisters, Bifur here. The impending release of 8th edition has had me in somewhat of a hobby quandary, I haven’t really been sure where to go with building and painting stuff as I’m not sure what I’m going to be using come the new edition. So instead of continuing to do nothing I thought I’d paint some orks for my upcoming games at Warhammer World with CC Monroe.

I needed a Mek in Mega Armour to help the lads out in the upcoming battles. I had a spare Tau battle suit and so meet Gardreg Fixgit, warlord Bifgrabs chief BigMek – more machine than Ork, Gardreg’s greatest feat of lootin’ and repurposin’ came from a brief scrap with a Tau scouting force. Having punched his way through the front of the battlesuit Gardreg had a brainwave. Unfortunately he couldn’t work out anyway he could fit his massive frame into the delicate cockpit recently occupied by the now liquidised Tau. In a moment of insane genius Gardreg enlisted the help of a team of Painboyz and when he awoke he was reborn! Some would balk at being just a head attached to  clanking robotic body but Gardreg has embraced it, adding new spikes, gunz and blades as he goes…

As you can see Gardreg is accompanied by a small selection of boys, some of the 50 or so I built for the upcoming big battles from my buts box, and I’ve finished building my new Knight, who’s first outing will be with Bifgrabs boyz in the big battle coming up soon…

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