​Highlander tournament update.

Great news from the future warzone in the grim dark last days of our beloved 7th edition. I, Bifurgacheffe Stoutdrunkson of the mines of IPA, have managed to create a vaguely competitive list and used it to win my first two games of the tournament! I know, weird. Nevertheless the combination of my Dark Angel team bro team and their friendly Imperial Knight have stomped all over not just one but two opponents!
My first was a beautifully painted Ultramarines list, complete with two bike squads (one of them a fully loaded Veteran squad with a Chaplain providing Feel No Pain and the other headed by the armies General with his Storm Shield – anyone who has ever ridden a motorbike will tell you how easy it is to ride whilst holding a large shield in one hand…) and three Grav Centurions riding in a Landraider. I’d never faced Grav centurions and were suitably terrified by them. As it turns out they are fantastically difficult to kill.

Highlights included – Turn one I managed to snipe out his bike riding general with my knights ultimate kill cannon of death. My opponent’s pimped out bike squad getting bogged down in hand to hand combat with one of might scout squads for three turns (He had the worst rolls imaginable for trying to kill them, luck was on their side and they pretty much held my entire right flank.). Finally my opponent attempting to take revenge for me assassinating his general by pouring nearly his entire armies worth of fire into my General and his tac squad (including the grav Centurions) resulting in his bodyguard being annihilated to a man but he general himself surviving just long enough to make a dash for the nearest cover and skulk there with the devastator squad for the rest of the battle. Eventually the insane amount of damage an Imperial Knight can dish out once he gets stuck into the enemy (dispatching the Landraider with one sweep of his D Chainblade), losing his general so early on and the terrible luck he had on my right flank meant that my opponent conceded in the fourth round. An enjoyable game for both of us but ultimately a win for me. 

My Second game was against an equally spectacular Grey Knights army. What’s with all of these slightly heretical marines trying to bring shame on the Imperium by trying to get in the way of the First Legion? I did a bit more prep this time and had a good look at my opponents list. Lots of terminators (who could start rolling for deep strike on the first turn), loads of psychic stuff and a Dreadknight! Again; big, scary things. Lucky for me I rolled a Warlord Trait which gave my opponent a -1 on his reserve rolls. This probably saved me. 

The set up against the Greyknights

Highlights included – My Knight failing his first four shield saves… pathetic. The Dreadknight landing in the middle of my army and then being fired upon by every model in my army with the exception of the Knioght and the Dreadnought (Who were busy waaaaay out on the left flank for no good reason…) and dying, eventually. It took nearly an entire Lions Blade Strike Force to take out one Dreadknight, these guys are tough. Luckily my opponent didn’t have a spare. My final highlight was my General surviving again, saved by the brave sacrifice of his men (sacrificial tac squad again) and scraping by with a few wounds and, in this battle, hiding behind a Rhino for a few turns. Again a super enjoyable game for me and I think my opponent had a good time as well. Second win for the First Legion putting me on 2-0. 

Underhanded deepstriking by the Grey Knights in an attempt to assassinate my General. They failed…

Sorry about the lack of pictures but as they were tournament games I’ve been trying to speed up my playing so I’m taking less breaks to take photos. I have so far really enjoyed this tournament, having been given the chance to play two games against opponents I haven’t faced before who were using armies I’d never fought before. Lessons were learned and mistakes were made. Who have I got left to play? A Space Wolves army and a Tau army. Bugger, well I had a good run…

Stay tuned for more reports from the front. Will the Knight ever be taken out of action? More to the point will my heroic general ever actually be taken out of action, or, more to the point, will he ever manage to do anything more than hide behind things to avoid dying. Answers to these questions and more right here on SFJY!

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