40k highlander tournament 

Evening people. Bifur here. I have news of the hobby variety. Normally I am not a competitive 40k player, I have nothing against those who are but it’s not how I like to play. My favourite battles are leisurely narrative engagements of thematic armies on thematic terrain; a world away from the fast paced, tactically complicated world of competitive play. Despite these facts I, Bifur, have entered a Warhammer 40k tournament! Yes, really and truly I have. Now, this is not a GT by any stretch of the Imagination, it is in fact the Highlander tournament being run at the gaming club where get most of my gaming geekery done. In a nut shell a Highlander tournament limits the choices you take for your army to one of each unit, usually with an exception for troop type units. This tournament has also imposed some other limits around certain formation and unit types. The reason for all this limitation? Trying to avoid the same old lists wiping the floor with everyone and trying to avoid the rock/paper/scissors approach to playing the game. Will it works? Who knows but I’m looking forward to playing people and armies I’ve never faced before. If nothing else it will be a learning experience.

After a certain amount of going backwards and forwards I decided to use my Dark Angels army. I took a Lions blade detachment and an allied Imperial Knight Warden. I’ve had my knight for ages and he’s never been on the table so I figured a competitive tournament would be the best place to try something I’d never used before. No need for anyone to point out the obvious floor in my plan. As well as the armoured might of the Knight (pure poetry.) I’ve got three tac squads, two in rhinos, a devastator squad with lots of anti-air missiles in a Razorback, a Dreadnought in a Drop-pod (another first for me…), an assault squad with jump packs and sod all else all backed up by a couple of scout squads. My force is led by my heroic Company Master, who incidentally forgot to bring anything with him apart from a bolt pistol and a sword…

My general plan is for the scouts to infiltrate and bugger up the enemy’s plans around moving and taking objectives, while the rest of the Angels take up firing positions and hope that the enemy will be stupid enough to charge into a load of full BS overwatch fire. The Knight will charge madly at the enemy, mowing down infantry with his Gatling cannon and carving into vehicles with his chain blade, maybe some stomping will happen, before gloriously exploding in a blast large enough and powerful enough to wipe out the majority of my opponents forces. Glory to the 1St!

Yeah, right! Like any of that is going to work. But it should be fun trying…

Here’s my army in all its painted glory…


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