A mat for all seasons 

​Evening folks, Bifur here. Just a quick review today but I really wanted to take a few minutes of your time to tell you about the MacroMat from Tablewar. For those who don’t know Tablewar are the company that brought you FatMats, those wonderful gaming surfaces that I now get to use at SELWG. Tablewar recently completed a Kickstarter for the MacroMat, a selection of backdrops for photographing miniatures against (or anything else you want to photograph really, as long as it’s small). The backdrops come in three designs and there is a stand available to hold them up. They’re made from a similar material to the FatMats and are designed to provide a backdrop to the miniatures which will aid the camera focusing on the mini and not the background and will also absorb light, thereby reducing the shadows cast by the models.

 I got in on the Kickstarter for this just before Christmas and it arrived recently. I, being cheap, only opted for the most basic level of the Kickstarter: A single mat of my choice of design. This cost me less than £20 (including postage) and I wanted to try it out before I put more money into it. 

I jerry rigged the mat using an old ring binder and a bulldog clip as you can see below and snapped a few pics of some stuff I had recently painted. Was I happy with my impulse buy? You bet! This thing is amazing. I haven’t used it in my lightbox yet but I’m expecting even better results when I do. The pictures I have taken were done using my phone (Samsung S7) and some of the same light I use for the lightbox, the resulting pics were excellent; sharp focus and great colours. They were so good I could easily see all the little mistakes I had made while I was painting…bugger… but this wasn’t the fault of the MacroMat. 

I would recommend that if you have any intention of photographing your models for whatever reason you pick up one of these mats. I’ve only tried the blue into white fade but I’m seriously considering the warm and cold designs as well as picking up one of the stands (My ghetto solution is fine but the stand would offer a much more versatile solution). I’d go so far as to say you should pick one of these mats up and take photos of all of your models before you apply your varnish coat, just so you can see (and fix) all those tiny imperfections the human, non mat assisted, eye misses…

MacroMat – It will shame you into being a better painter.

Freud Judges those without shame.

2 responses to “A mat for all seasons 

  1. Cool idea. The photos look great but I often find, with a bit of persistence and creativity, the back drop can look ok with just about anything. Lighting is always key for me. I like printing call pictures I find and using them as backdrops.


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