Something wicked this way comes…

Hello there brothers and sisters. Draw closer and I will tell you a story of a betentacled brewer from across the seas, this alchemist of the malty arts has decided to impart his forbidden and secret techniques to the likes of us dwellers on the plane of reality…
That’s right children the great and fearful Nyarlath’on’tap will share his knowledge to the fable art of “The Small Batch Brew” (thunder crashes and ominous music starts…). Heed his words for it is unlikely that he will repeat this knowledge (unless of course you click on the link more than once, or bookmark the page, or print it… Actually there’s lots of things you can do to see this technique more than once…)
If you dare to engage this most ancient of the Old Ones and allow him to impart his knowledge upon you, step this way (click the link…). Those who do will be changed forever and will likely improve their chances of drinking good beer. I will warn you though, Nyarlath’on’tap’s writing contain vision of far off lands likely to induce jealousy and wanderlust in all those who read it…

On a more personal note brothers and sisters: Nyarlath’on’tap wisdom has inspired your friends at the Manly Mens brewery into branching out with a few experimental Small Batch Brews. More on this at a later time…

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