All quiet on the Western Front?

Recently I had an opportunity to try out a new card game called Western Front from Little Bighorn Games . The game is a two player card game, set in the First World War, with one player controlling the allies and their opponent controlling the forces of the Kaiser. The game takes place over a number of rounds, each one portraying a particular battle from WW1. Players secretly play a card and may use another card to boost their side’s effectiveness (there will also be a bonus or detriment for a player from a random card chosen once per round). The winner of the overall game is the player who won the most rounds. If I’ve made the game sound complicated then I apologise; One of Western Frontier’s charms is it’s simplicity; it is at it’s core a version of War (that game we all used to play as kids with a deck of normal playing cards, highest card drawn wins, etc). This simple core mechanic meant it was super easy to pick up. I played this game with my better half and we pretty much opened the box, I read the basic rules off the card provided and we started playing, within minutes we’d both picked it up and were charging across no man’s land.

In terms of the physical product the cards of a good quality stock with clear printing. The artwork is simple but effective and the game is very professionally produced. There were no misprints or badly aligned cards that I could see and the cards had a nice gloss finish that felt nice and gave the impression of being able to stand up to heavy use.

This isn’t a hugely tactically deep game, but it’s quick and fun, it didn’t take long before we were both talking in dodgy Blackadderesque accents and discussing the merits of bi plane mounted flamers and tanks attacking from tunnels (play the game, you’ll see what I mean…). It would be a really good game to play between games or at the end of a club night if you’ve got half an hour to spare between games. In addition to this the whole game comes in a box the size of a deck of playing cards, meaning it’s really portable and could be a permanent addition to your game bag so it’s always available.

One more thing: The core mechanic isn’t particularly tied to the setting, this is not a bad thing in terms of the game but it does occur to me that Little Bighorn could quite easily ‘port it across to any theme…pirates, zombies, sci-fi or anything really. You heard it here first…


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