Dwalins Digest III

Hobbies… That shit takes space, man.

I’ve always known this; when I was a kid games workshops array of plastic and metal and print and crap filled my room to the point where moving was difficult. Add to that my guitar, my amp and any other shit I used to have to help me pass the time, and form the rather complex collation of ideals that formed my ‘self’ and, well, clutter was on the cards.

Moving in with my partner meant I shed a lot of this stuff; books came, and a guitar or two, but in general I moved light.

So its definitely to her chagrin that this plastic crap is sneaking back into the home. Purchasing Gloom, Project Z, Zombies!!! and Car Wars, has begun to fill the living room. My dad bringing round my copy of Battle Fleet Gothic (Fuck YES!!!!!) a couple of weeks ago and promising to find other table top brilliance in the loft for me, well, that’s the icing on the cake of the gentle avalanche filling the homestead.

Now, I know that hardened gamers will balk at my whining quandary; the stuff I’ve got is paltry compared to pretty much most adults doing this thing. But hey, problems are subjective, so back the Fuck off…. Further to this, my bongos, Didgereedoo, guitars, bass, Ukulele, panpipes, record player, records, four track, coffee machine, grinder…. Well, you get the picture.

Oh. Yeah.

There’s also that 9 month old thing.

He’s about to crawl and all my game shit was on the floor under the TV. Within his reach.

Baby:nom nom nom, Chaos ships
Daddy: Spit it out, SPIT IT OUT
Baby:choke choke choke
Daddy: Fuck Fuck Fuck
Mummy: Daddy you Fucking idiot, you are banished!

To be honest I’ve probably written more imaginative skits, but hey, you get the gist.

So, with all the above considered, my gaming shit is now sorted into a plastic box atop a tall bookshelf in my bedroom. BFG templates are in the box, along with spare sprue, Project Z and the other semi-adultified games. Woop! There’s a non-bio tablet box filled with Chaos Cruisers, an Imperial Cruiser and some Eldar ships… And bubble wrap, lots of bubble wrap. Rule books are piled neatly on top.


Go me!

What d’ya think? Good solution?

Freud judges messy gamers

Pixelated nerdery brought to you by Dwalin Weissbeerson Espressoshield III… Most likely written on a phone #ignorethemistakes

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