Brewdyssey: The journey of the J continues

Never has so much been owed by so many to so few. Churchill said that, but it’s a surprisingly apt phrase for the instalment in the Brewdyssy epic. Manly Mens Brewery has gone international!

As you may remember recently Dwalin and myself were lucky enough to meet a fine upstanding member of the American Homebrew community,while we were on the Camden Brewery Tour, after a somewhat drunken conversation we had all promised to exchange brews across the seas…

So how did it go?  Go to the full article and take a look.

This article is particularly special because it has been mostly written by our new American Brew Brother, who shall be forever referred to in these most auspicious ages as  Nyarlath’on’tap. Because, as he pointed whilst he giggled and babbled incoherently about the Mi-Go, the Dagon and the King in Yellow, he is an American and should therefore support one of his fellow countryman. We support this, never let it be said that we Dwarfs are adverse to messing with the Old Ones.



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