Dwalins Digest ii

My digest today is one which is spawned from our recent Brewdyssey so request; the Journey of J.

If you’ve seen that post  (which you should, as its fucking epic!) you’ll have noted I made a couple of jibes about rich folk, unnecessarily deified historical figures and the general disparity between areas in not only the same city but also the same borough.

I’m currently taking a walk (phone blogging, boom) from London Bridge to Tower Bridge and I can’t help but feel like the gentle jibes I made should have been harsher; I’m genuinely left with the sense that those wonderfully dystopic visions of a future controlled by towering commandants of social manipulation, perched atop gleaming structures overlooking a squalid melee, are gently becoming true.

neurosisfirescdbiggerI’m sure it doesn’t help I’m reading that Bertran Russell book, nor that I’m listening to a lot of Shoegaze (thank you, new Neurosis record), nor that I’ve had to have a lot of meetings with local authorities recently… Nor that I’ve begun very seriously thinking about the role of the Chaos gods within the amalgamated Warhammer worlds… I’m beginning to think they’re the good guys!

Oh dear…

I guess I should take this all and use it for something productive, like: writing a moody blog, some dark music, the bones of an Inquisitor campaign, or… Wait a minute…

Is all this dark posturing a force for good? Do the wheels of human societal oppression turn to enable greater reaching into the unending cosmos of human creation? Do we owe all we hold artistically dear because of the furrowing force of despair?

I’m obviously in no real position to offer any real answers, also, Bif will just call me ranty (This is because you are being ranty – Bifur), so instead I’ll definitely attempt to prove the theory… Sooooo.

– Despairing blog post, definitely check as… Well.. Your reading it.

– Music… Not sure I have the time or space. Guitar playing sits difficultly next to sleeping babies.inq_rulebook

– Inquisitor campaign… Now then, there’s some mileage in that.

My father recently dropped off a bunch of my old gaming things and in that stack of stuff was my Inquisitor rulebook.

Now, I firmly believe that Inquisitor is the best game Games-workshop  ever produced. Full stop. I will accept no argument.

It has the thunderous aggression of the 40k universe, an unfathomable amount of gory outcomes (shooting someone’s hands off, for instance), is a genuinely unpredictable game (the GM doesn’t control those dice rolls directly, they provide the players with the percentile difficulties they have to overcome.) and has all the deep and complex narrative of a RPG and, AND, has dynamism which makes it fun for those that aren’t too fussed about those complexities.

So I’m definitely for designing a campaign. Identifying players is easy to; Bif and one of his old friends are big fans.

So… Story idea. Tyrannical, despotic future-megalomaniacs operating a crushing society from the comfort of sky high structures; that feels like a pretty good theme? Yeah?

Also… Time wise, we’re probably gonna play this thing around Christmas. I feel like setting this campaign on a planet called… Erm… Ebenezer V… Could be fun. Definitely fits that whole thing I was saying about the timelessness of oppression, and my London-centric inspiration


Balls; I may need to read some Schopenhauer and Dickens now. Or some Batman… That’s dark. Right?

*** Ladies and Gentlemen of the internet (Webway?) Bifur here, after reading the proofs of the above article we talked more about the possibilities of running the campaign. Head HERE for the prologue article ***



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